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29.10.2021 – 01:19


Shenzhen, China (ots/PRNewswire)

On October 25th, SmallRig announced special mobile video cages for the iPhone 13 Pro series that combine a number of great features to give iPhone filmmakers a better experience while shooting in Cinema Mode.

“The goal of SmallRig Mobile video cages for the iPhone 13 Pro series is to maximize the kinematic properties of the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max while preserving its highlights, “said John Jiang, CMO of SmallRig, adding,” Here’s how we did it: Our cages have the ultra-wide-angle Lenses and the LiDAR scanner of the iPhone Pro fully integrated. You can use all buttons and connections without restriction. Plus, you can add multiple accessories like handgrips or tripods to allow smooth camera movements and shoot incredible videos. “

SmallRig Mobile video cages for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • All buttons and connections of the iPhone remain accessible. Allows the use of a LiDAR sensor, ultra wide angle lens and wireless charging;
  • Allows you to attach M-mount or 17mm threaded lenses and an interchangeable back cover that gives you more photographic options;
  • Multiple attachment points for external accessories such as microphones, LED lights, handles and tripods;
  • Supports horizontal and vertical recording, perfect for professional videography, live streaming and vlogging;
  • Quick and easy installation: with quick lock and a key for assembly and disassembly;
  • Special protection: with built-in pads for shock absorption and scratch resistance.

Price & availability

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro ID: 3562 (UVP-Preis: 39,90 USD)

SmallRig Mobile Video Cage for iPhone 13 Pro Max ID: 3561 (UVP-Preis: 42.90 USD)

Both will be available worldwide from October 25, 2021

Information on SmallRig

SmallRig was founded in 2012 and develops complete accessory solutions for content creation with cameras, gimbals and cell phones. Our accessories are widely used in live broadcast, vlog, professional video production and other fields that are supported by over two million creatives worldwide. SmallRig pioneered the user co-design (UCD) mode and the DreamRig program in the industry to collaborate with global developers to create their big dream.

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