▷ The Asado: The Argentine Art of Fine Dining

28.10.2021 – 16:28

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Buenos Aires (ots)

Attending an asado in Argentina is much more than consuming what is perhaps the best meat in the world. An asado is an art form, a staged choreography in which each guest plays a key role.

Diego Armando Maradona, Lionel Messi, tango, the caramel cream “Dulce de Leche”, the mate tea, the asado: the list of famous personalities, legends, dances and delicacies of Argentine culture is long. But what are the characteristics of the Asado? The focus is of course on the unmistakable taste of the grill meal, but it also serves as an occasion for friends and families to get together. It is about more than “just” eating together: Each person plays an essential role in the staging and implementation of the Asado and everyone is welcome to take a seat at the table.

The most important person at the feast is the asador: He is the grill master and responsible for preparing the dishes on the grill, entertaining the audience and serving the meals. The dishes served are varied: short ribs, diaphragm, flank meat and sirloin steaks are among the most popular meat variants. Sausage products and offal also make a grand entrance, above all black pudding, small intestines and sweetbreads. There are even various options for vegetarians. In the meantime, the rest of those present set the table, provide the musical accompaniment and take care of the drinks. The culinary process of the Asado is a story in six acts:

First of all, the “Picada”

This small snack describes the starter of the starter, so to speak, and consists of small portions of sausage products, various types of cheese, a few chips, salted peanuts and bread. This mini meal is to be understood as preparation for the asado.

The starter: “Chori”

This is “Chorizo” bread, that is, grilled sausage bread or, as the Argentines say: the synonym for happiness in the form of a sandwich. The “choripán” (sausage bread) has become a national icon that should not be missing from any asado and is the ideal starter. Standing or sitting, alone or with “Salsa Criolla” – a salsa sauce consisting of peppers, onions and tomatoes – or Chimichurri sauce, the classic Argentinian grill marinade with parsley, oregano, garlic, vinegar, ground chilli pepper and oil, Chori simply tastes good outstanding.

Grilled vegetables and salads

Although meat plays the main role, there is no shortage of vegetarian alternatives. The most typical are the green salad with tomatoes, and its variants with eggs and raw onions. The magical combination of rocket and parmesan comes on the table as well as the classic made from potatoes and eggs. In addition to the raw food options, other vegetarian side dishes are prepared:. Onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes and garlic are wrapped in aluminum foil and placed directly on the embers. They can be eaten with the meat or as a main course.

A round of applause for the grill master

The “Aplauso para el Asador” takes place in honor of the grill master. The one who receives it does so with bowed head, knowing full well that he has made many people happy. He then gives this applause back to the participants from the bottom of his heart as well as with enthusiasm and determination: as a thank you for a meal, for the great moments and encounters and to celebrate this shared experience.

Preferred day: Sundays

One thing is clear: it’s always a good time to grill. That goes without saying. But on the second day of rest of the weekend there is a special energy in the air. Sundays are almost patriotic barbecue days in Argentina and the fire for the Asado is lit across the country on Sundays.

Die “Dessert”

Translated it means something like: “The time that is spent at the table after dinner”. It is a moment of dialogue, anecdotes, laughter, card games and also for a cup of coffee or two if there is still room in the stomach. The Sobremesa is the final act and thus the perfect ending to what is possibly the best-told, but certainly tastiest story in the country.


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