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28.10.2021 – 09:30

Staufen AG

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For 89 percent of automotive companies, a sustainable supply chain can only be achieved by exchanging ecological data. But there is still a lack of appropriate cooperation with many suppliers, as the current study “Green Transformation in the Automotive Industry” shows. Less than half of the companies say that their suppliers are actively supporting them in the green transition. For the study, the automotive experts from the Staufen consultancy surveyed almost 250 companies from the automotive industry in Germany.

When it comes to the urgent need to switch to CO2-free production, the German automotive industry is increasingly relying on its suppliers: four out of ten companies already take into account the emissions of the upstream supply chain when considering ecological pollution. Only a third of the companies did this last year. However, more than half of the companies are not prepared to accept higher costs for environmentally more sustainable procurement. “The situation is worsening for suppliers due to the green change,” says Markus Riegger, who is responsible for the automotive sector on the Staufen AG board. “You not only have to master the transition phase from combustion to electric drive, but also increasingly digitalized and networked production.”

There is still a lot of potential in green cooperation with suppliers

Almost half of the companies in the automotive industry are already pursuing joint packaging strategies with their suppliers, and one third is working on flexible delivery intervals and joint recycling strategies. “But that cannot hide the fact that there is still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to ecological cooperation,” said automotive expert Riegger. “Seven out of ten of the companies surveyed for the Staufen study currently consider the ecological progress in the supply chain to be rather low.”

That is likely to change in the future: For 61 percent of automotive companies, the sustainability rating is already an award criterion when selecting suppliers. For comparison: In the previous study, this value was only 53 percent.

Make complexity manageable with more transparency and flexible processes

The extent to which green change is already part of everyday life at OEMs and suppliers is also illustrated by the Green Maturity Index determined as part of the study. The key figure – shown as a decimal value between one and four – describes the degree of maturity of the sustainability measures. While the index for OEMs this year is 2.79 (2020: 2.70), the suppliers come to a value of 2.13 (2020: 2.02). “OEMs, system suppliers and subcontractors can only close this gap by working together,” says Staufen board member Riegger with conviction. “The green transformation poses considerable challenges for the industry and increases the complexity of cooperation. With more transparency and flexible processes, however, this can be made manageable.”

The study is available for free download under the following link:

Study Green Transformation 2021 – Staufen AG

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