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Take a second to look at the palm of your hand: the smallest Pampers premature diaper wouldn’t even fill it up completely. For comparison: it is three times as small as a newborn diaper. But as small as premature babies are, the greater their needs. In order to develop as best as possible, premature babies need lots of sleep in addition to love. To be precise about 90% of the day, that is 22 hours. This is why Pampers developed the Preemie Protection diaper. It helps the little fighters to get what they need most in their often difficult start in life: plenty of time and rest to sleep well. Pampers wants to promote the healthy and happy development of all babies and is particularly committed to the smallest among them. That is why Pampers is taking World Premature Baby Day on November 17th again this year to draw attention to this important topic and to provide additional support for premature babies and their families.


“Undisturbed sleep is particularly important for premature babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. This is due to the fact that the brain functions and thus all the body functions of the little fighters develop during the sleep phases” (Dr. Frank Wiesemann, head of Pampers diaper research). This important sleep can quickly be disturbed by environmental stimuli such as light, noise or examinations in the premature baby ward. Changing diapers can also be such a disruption. In order to minimize the need to wake up when changing diapers and to offer the little ones the best possible support in their development, Pampers has developed the Preemie Protection diaper in collaboration with over 800 nurses and paediatricians. In this way, the needs of around 70,000 premature babies per year in Germany can be taken into account as well as possible. The head of Pampers diaper research, Dr. Frank Wiesemann emphasizes that the Preemie Protection diaper with its adaptations, such as the special absorbent core and the particularly comfortable fastening system, should make care easier for hospital staff and support the sleep of the premature babies.


World Premature Baby Day on November 17th is intended to raise awareness of the issue of premature birth and its consequences. The goal of Pampers is that all babies can grow up happy and healthy. That is why Pampers wants to provide additional support to families with premature babies on the occasion of World Premature Baby Day:

That is why Pampers donates for every pack of Pampers diapers that are sold in the period from November 15th. Until November 21, 2021 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a premature diaper or the equivalent (12 cents) to hospitals and premature babies organizations – up to a maximum donation of 1 million pieces.

“Wellcome helps around 4,000 families every year” – Ms. Rose Volz-Schmidt, founder and managing partner of wellcome ggmbH

Wellcome (2) supports projects that benefit premature babies and their families. This support enables, among other things, a telephone consultation for affected families with a midwife with experience of premature babies, as well as practical help after the birth through home visits. According to Ms. Volz-Schmidt, the parents are very grateful for practical support and have a great need for discussion. Talking and explaining in midwifery hours brings a lot of relaxation to families. In addition, educational projects are funded through existing support offers.

(1) BV “The Premature Child” eV, press kit 2018

(2) wellcome gGmbH is a social enterprise and one of the social franchise pioneers in Germany. wellcome develops offers for families and would like to encourage parents to get involved in the family adventure, more information www.wellcome-online.de

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