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28.10.2021 – 11:32

The Creative Club fabfab GmbH

Schenefeld (ots)

There was a do-it-yourself boom in 2020: the German handicraft market, measured in terms of end consumer prices, posted a turnover increase of 17.4%.[1]. Is the do-it-yourself industry only flying thanks to the Corona tailwind? How strong is the market really? Dr. Andreas Seifert, CEO of The Creative Club, Europe’s leading digital company in the DIY market, gives insights into the current market situation and explains the digital revolution in the multi-billion dollar industry.

“The do-it-yourself market has developed from stationary offline small businesses into a multibillion USD market. In Europe, according to the Association for Creative Industries, we are at 35 billion USD, and globally even at 100 billion USD”, reports CEO Andreas Seifert. strategic head behind the German DIY platforms makerist.de and stoffe.de, among others.

Sewing – one of the most popular activities – takes up 10% of the market in Germany.[2] Worldwide the sewing industry amounts to 10 billion USD, of which at least 5 billion in Europe and well over 1 billion in Germany.[3] Amazing but true: DIY projects even trump the love of playing soccer! Around 4.1 million people knit, crochet or tailor several times a month in Germany.[4] In the same time interval, only 2.5 million people play football in their free time.[4]

Focus market France

A look across the border shows: France has also fallen for the DIY trend. The French handicraft market is currently estimated at 1 billion euros and will soon account for 50% of the entire leisure industry.[5] 33% of the French work regularly on a creative project.[6] On the one hand to save money (49%), on the other hand to consume consciously (38%) and to protect the environment (37%).[6] The generation of digital natives in particular has discovered the hobby: the biggest DIY fans are between the ages of 18 and 24.[6] A group of consumers for whom online shopping is normal.

The digital revolution

In general, e-commerce with consumer goods recorded growth of 23.2% in the first half of 2021.[7] “If we look at the DIY market, the e-commerce share is currently 10%,” said Seifert as an expert in the industry. “We estimate that we will reach 16% by 2025, measured against comparable consumer industries. The digitization of this market has only just begun and thus offers enormous potential for digital companies to create a unicorn.”

The Hamburg entrepreneur seizes this opportunity with a strong business model: The digital company The Creative Club (TCC) offers over 30,000 DIY products, 70,000 e-learning content and digital community features with 15 online platforms in twelve European countries . This makes TCC the digital market leader in Europe with an incomparable range of products. With the help of large-scale internationalization, TCC is striving to become the global leader in the digital DIY market. The digitization of the handicraft industry, e.g. Driving ahead with the latest AR technology, for example, is a key factor here.

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