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28.10.2021 – 07:00

Roche Diabetes Care

Basel (ots)

  • Roche, a global leader in integrated personalized diabetes management, and the Zur Rose Group, provider of the European eHealth ecosystem, announce a collaboration to manage the daily therapy and meet the needs of the 60 million people with diabetes in Europe to enhance [1]
  • The aim of the collaboration is to empower people with diabetes to manage their illness themselves in order to achieve a better quality of life, and to enable healthcare professionals to ensure optimal and integrated care

Roche (SIX: RO, ROG; OTCQX: RHHBY) and the Zur Rose Group today announced a collaboration to support people with diabetes and their caregivers in daily therapy management. There are 60 million people in Europe with diabetes. This corresponds to about 9% of the population over 20 years of age [1]. The prevalence of diabetes is increasing in all age groups, but especially of type 2 diabetes, which is mainly due to increasing lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. Diabetes is becoming one of the greatest health problems for society around the world [2].

As part of the collaboration, Roche Diabetes Care and the Zur Rose Group are combining their health products and solutions as well as high-quality third-party services to make the lives of people with diabetes easier. Customers will benefit from an integrated offering that includes convenient access to self-management solutions, telemedical services, prescriptions and reorders, consumables and systems for diabetes management, data visualization and decision-making aids. The offer will initially be available in Germany in the course of 2022 and later expanded to other European markets. It is primarily aimed at people living with type 2 diabetes, which makes up about 90% of all cases [1].

As a global leader in integrated, personalized diabetes management, Roche Diabetes Care aims to promote sustainable care to improve the lives of people with diabetes. Roche combines its own systems and digital solutions, such as one of the world’s most popular diabetes management apps mySugr, as well as third-party systems and services in an open ecosystem. By contextualizing relevant data, this enables deeper insights and a better understanding of the disease, resulting in more personalized and effective therapy management.

With its specialist pharmaceutical staff, eHealth and pharmacy platforms, telemedicine and technology expertise and customer reach, the Zur Rose Group creates customer-friendly and personalized diabetes treatment pathways by seamlessly connecting health products and services. This enables healthcare professionals to communicate with people with diabetes whenever and wherever they want. The new ecosystem under the umbrella brand DocMorris for customer-centered diabetes management will include the offerings of both companies as well as high-quality health services from third parties.

«In our endeavor to bring real relief to people with diabetes and their caregivers, we are pleased about the partnership with the Zur Rose Group and the addition to our offer. We see great potential in this collaboration to simplify daily self-management for people with diabetes. In this way, we can offer even more personalized and holistic therapy support and reduce the burden of this chronic disease in everyday life, ”says Marcel Gmünder, Global Head of Roche Diabetes Care.

“People who live with diabetes need access to high-quality care and innovative solutions that can be easily integrated into their lives and improve their quality of life,” adds Walter Oberhänsli, CEO of the Zur Rose Group. “We are excited to partner with Roche Diabetes Care to bring together our healthcare expertise and digital resources within our ecosystem to provide people with diabetes with a personalized and comprehensive treatment pathway – with one click.”

[1]IDF Diabetes Atlas, 9th edition, 2019


About Roche

Roche is a global company with a pioneering role in the research and development of drugs and diagnostics, and is focused on enabling people to live better, longer lives through scientific advances. Thanks to the combination of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics under one roof, Roche is a leader in personalized medicine – a strategy that aims to provide every patient with the best possible treatment.

Roche is the world’s largest biotech company with differentiated medicines for oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and diseases of the central nervous system. Roche is also the premier provider of in vitro diagnostics and tissue-based cancer tests and a pioneer in diabetes management.

Since it was founded in 1896, Roche has been researching better ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and make a sustainable contribution to social development. One of the company’s goals is to improve patient access to medical innovations through cooperation with all relevant partners. Today, the World Health Organization’s list of Essential Medicines includes more than 30 medicines developed by Roche, including life-saving antibiotics, antimalarials and cancer drugs. Roche was also recognized for the twelfth year in a row as one of the most sustainable companies in the pharmaceutical industry in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

The Roche Group, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, is active in over 100 countries and in 2020 employed more than 100,000 people worldwide. In 2020 Roche invested CHF 12.2 billion in research and development and achieved sales of CHF 58.3 billion. Genentech in the USA is wholly owned by the Roche Group. Roche is the majority shareholder of Chugai Pharmaceutical, Japan. For more information, see www.roche.com.

About Roche Diabetes Care

Roche Diabetes Care has pioneered innovative technologies and services for the treatment of diabetes for over 40 years. More than 5,500 employees in over 100 countries work every day to ensure that people with diabetes or with an increased risk of developing diabetes can achieve more time in the target area and experience real relief in the daily therapy processes.

As a global leader in integrated personalized diabetes management (iPDM), Roche Diabetes Care partners with leading experts around the world, including people with diabetes, healthcare workers, doctors and payers. The aim of Roche Diabetes Care is to advance treatment options and create sustainable care structures. Under the Roche Diabetes, Accu-Chek and mySugr brands, which include systems for glucose control, insulin delivery and digital solutions, Roche Diabetes Care and its partners focus on the patient in order to create therapeutic added value.

By building and working together in an open ecosystem that connects devices and digital solutions as well as bringing together relevant data points and placing them in context, Roche Diabetes Care enables detailed insights and a better understanding of the disease and thus contributes to a more personalized and effective Treatment at – for better therapy results and real relief.

MySugr, one of the most popular diabetes management apps worldwide, has been part of Roche Diabetes Care since 2017.

More information is available at www.roche diabetes.de, www.accu-chek.de and www.mysugr.com.

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