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28.10.2021 – 19:20

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ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile Internet, today announced that Ni Fei, ZTE Senior Vice President and President of ZTE Mobile Devices, on the occasion of the ZTE Analyst Conference 2021 held a keynote address on the subject of “Scale New Height with InnovAction” and presented the future development goals and strategic measures of ZTE Mobile Devices.

He said: ZTE Mobile Devices will convert the Chinese market entirely to 5G (“All in 5G”), further strengthen the core position of cell phones in the mobile Internet and continue to work on building a complete ecosystem for 5G devices. Meanwhile, ZTE will consolidate its positioning as “InnovActor”, drive the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies with “Innovation + Action”, integrate brands, channels and markets to make joint efforts, and fully support the end-user business to achieve much more.

Thanks to profound technology accumulation and the ability to innovate, ZTE Mobile Devices’ business improved significantly in the first half of 2021. The growth rate of domestic sales was 150%, the growth rate of international market sales was 50%. The SoN of the 5G CPE ranks first in the world. Over 100 million units of ZTE end devices will be shipped in the course of the year, over 50% of which will be equipped with specially developed chipsets. As part of ZTE’s overall goal of rising to the top 500 in the world within two to three years, the new target is an annual growth rate of more than 200% for the domestic market and more than 50% for the foreign market for the mobile devices business developed.

“All in 5G” in the Chinese market and further expansion of extensive intelligent experience

Today’s consumer electronics industry is entering a new age of accelerated evolution, continuous division, and integrated innovation. The 5G trend has a firm grip on the world, the consumption scenario continues to expand and the market is gradually recovering from the pandemic. In view of new opportunities for the market development of 5G smartphones and mobile Internet products, ZTE Mobile Devices will switch everything to 5G in the future, further consolidate the “Big Terminal” product strategy and build a new future for 5G with extensive intelligent experience.

With regard to building ecosystems, ZTE Mobile Devices will further improve the intelligent product system “1 + 2 + N”, drive the transformation and development of the “hardware-software service ecology”, integrate smartphones, personal data and family data, and a comprehensive 5G – Offer a smart experience based on the four scenarios of sport and health, business travel, home and education as well as audiovisual entertainment. Based on the overall ecological architecture, ZTE Mobile Devices will further strengthen the core role of the smartphone in the mobile Internet, further improve product capabilities in the four key areas of design, photography, telecommunications and operating system interaction, and create multi-screen interaction and connection to create a smartphone-centered one To achieve IoT.

In the area of ​​mobile Internet products, ZTE Mobile Devices will further consolidate its leading position on the world market. Currently, ZTE’s mobile internet products include personal and family data terminals, industrial connectivity terminals, and IoV terminals. The 5G routers are number one in the global operator market. As far as SoM is concerned, ZTE Mobile Devices strives to always occupy first place in the market for high-quality MBB products. In terms of technical capabilities, the 5G patents and product performance are expected to maintain their leading position. At the same time, IoT products are to be extensively expanded to include vehicles, industry, etc. in order to become number one in the global mobile internet business.

Consolidate “InnovAction” and raise the in-house chipsets to a new level

As part of the “Large Terminal” product strategy, ZTE Mobile Devices will further strengthen its “InnovAction” in the technical area, further advance high-quality, technological innovation and strengthen its “Action Force” for future sales. In terms of the underlying core technology, ZTE Mobile Devices will integrate in-house chipsets into its vigorous development planning, enhancing its independent capabilities and level of innovation. ZTE currently has 4,400 patents pending for chipsets and approximately 1,950 authorized patents. The in-house designed chipsets of the end devices cover areas such as personal communication, homes, IoV and industrial surveillance. For the future, ZTE Mobile Devices plans to further improve its R&D platform and to further expand the use of internally developed chipsets.

In the field of smartphones, ZTE Mobile Devices, as a pioneer of under-display camera and fusion computing photography, will continue to drive the updating and iteration of relevant technologies and thus break new ground in the smartphone industry. In the meantime, it will create scenario-based AI smart communication based on the “1 + 2 + N” terminal products with a complete ecosystem. In addition, intelligent and professional end device network solutions are being developed that meet the requirements for high reliability, high security, low latency and high bandwidth in different scenarios in popular fields of application such as mobile office, esports and live streaming.

In the continuously growing IOV market, ZTE Mobile Devices will pursue innovations in business model and scenario to fully promote the development of the C-V2X industry and the building of intelligent transportation. With 5G and C-V2X, which form a comprehensive coordination system of people, vehicles, infrastructure, network and cloud, we can establish communication connections with low latency and high reliability and ensure a more efficient, intelligent and secure transport network. Currently, ZTE Mobile Devices has entered into close strategic collaborations with a number of top-tier automotive companies, and the cumulative shipping volume of the products has reached one million.

Fully coordinated brands and channels for continued global business growth

With product capability and technological innovation as a solid foundation, ZTE Mobile Devices will continue to fully coordinate brand, channel and market strategies in order to maintain the rapid development in China and constant growth in the world market. With regard to the brand layout, ZTE Mobile Devices will further integrate the three big brands ZTE, Nubia and Red Magic and expand the Chinese market segments. The effective coordination of brands created a brand new image of ZTE smartphones with technologies with high recognition value, high quality and youthfulness. For example, Axon focuses on business people and advocates social entrepreneurship, while Nubia is a fashion brand for young consumers with a focus on individuality. Red Magic, on the other hand, focuses on e-sports and strengthens the brands hardcore, passion and coolness for the diverse population.

In terms of channel construction, ZTE Mobile Devices is focused on building refined operations and utilizing digital systems to encourage broader empowerment of end device channels. For example, the 5G experience store will focus on offering an immersive experience as an important position and bridge for interaction with consumers and fans. Meanwhile, the sales channels are being expanded and the structure of the offline retail system based on the channel co-construction model is being improved. In 2021, ZTE Mobile Devices plans to set up 5,000 offline sales channels. 4,000 have been built so far and the retail system is growing in size. In addition, ZTE Mobile Devices will leverage the clear advantages of ZTE with government and corporate customers, continue to expand political and commercial channels and build a multi-level sales system with full coverage.

In the overseas markets, ZTE Mobile Devices will implement country-specific guidelines, apply different strategies based on the differences in the market environment and 5G development in different countries, and focus on key countries to improve skills in intensive operation and sustainable development . Currently, ZTE Mobile Devices sales cover more than 160 countries and regions and there are more than 100 million active smartphone users worldwide. ZTE Mobile Devices maintains close cooperation with more than 3,000 sales partners around the world as well as strategic cooperation relationships with 50 high-ranking operators. In the area of ​​e-commerce, ZTE Mobile Devices will continue to integrate its own e-commerce platforms as well as those of third-party providers in order to improve market coverage and service capabilities.

As part of the end-to-end all-in-one communications solution, the terminal equipment business is one of the directions that will support ZTE’s business growth in the future. In view of new opportunities and challenges, ZTE Mobile Devices, guided by the brand new goals, will fully rely on 5G development and spare no effort for “InnovAction”. The company is committed to making dreams come true through technology and strives to align with brands, products and channels to create a major technological force in the development of the smart device industry.

About ZTE

ZTE is a provider of modern telecommunication systems, mobile devices and network solutions for mobile network operators, companies, public institutions and private users. The company develops integrated, end-to-end innovations for outstanding, high-quality products in the convergence area of ​​telecommunications and information technology for its customers. ZTE is listed on the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges (H-share code 0763.HK / A-share code 000063.SZ) and supplies user-optimized products and services to over 500 network operators in more than 160 countries. ZTE invests at least ten percent of its annual sales in research and development and plays an important role in a number of international bodies for the development of international standards. As a company that attaches great importance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), ZTE is a member of the UN Global Compact network. For more information, see www.zte.com.cn

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