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28.10.2021 – 18:10

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Berlin (ots)

A few days before the start of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow, cynicism seems to outweigh hope for many. Despite the existential ecological crisis, the heads of state are uttering the same phrases as ever. Substantial agreements that will ultimately be implemented are not in sight. Instead, a modern “indulgence trade” with which rich states can buy their way out of their responsibility for greenhouse gas emissions.

It is logical and necessary that there will be demonstrations of the climate movement in view of these conditions. Away from the big world stage, a small scene occurred in preparation for the protests in which the real hope of these days lies: the influential climate activist Greta Thunberg invited striking workers from Glasgow to join the rallies. “Climate justice also means social justice and that we leave no one behind,” she said. The UK trade union GMB responded with “thanks and solidarity”.

There is explosive power in this symbolic gesture. For it to be effective, however, the alliance between climate activists and workers would have to become a real political force. There are still a few hurdles to overcome. However, there are good approaches: In Germany, left-wing activists from Fridays for Future showed their solidarity with the collective bargaining war in local public transport; An alliance between climate activists and Bosch workers was recently formed in Munich to prevent a factory from being closed. A serious ecological and socially just transformation cannot be achieved without dealing with capital interests. Fortunately, this realization slowly dawns in both movements.

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