▷ Katharina Böhm would like to have German citizenship

29.10.2021 – 01:00

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Katharina Böhm would like to have German citizenship

So far it has always failed due to the bureaucratic effort: “Paperwork is a nightmare for me” – going for walks at night as a corona hobby – acting as a sandpit game

Osnabrück. Actress Katharina Böhm (56) has only Austrian citizenship to this day, although she has lived in her parents’ house in the Bavarian district of Ebersberg with short interruptions since she was four. In the attempt to change that, she has always failed, she said in an interview with the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ): “I am currently aiming for German citizenship, but the associated paperwork is a nightmare for me. ” She can no longer find her old certificates: “And if I can’t find them, I have to take a Goethe certificate in German. I’m good at technical things, I’m good at the garden, but paperwork is a nightmare come true.”

The actress reported that her plan to take part in the federal election in September also failed: “The election was actually the reason why I started trying to apply for German citizenship two years ago.” In office she then spoke to a very nice lady who sent her all the documents the next day: “Then I got this list – and immediately collapsed.”

In the pandemic, she discovered a new preference: night walks with her two dogs. “I started doing it during the first lockdown, when not everyone had got a dog to go for a walk at night,” said Boehm. “Then I noticed how nice it is to walk around in this silence at night, and how much it gives me. I don’t know whether it has to do with age, but I always appreciate the less.”

She did not take up her profession in order to become a film star like her famous father Karlheinz Böhm (“Sissi”), emphasized the 56-year-old: “The word film star was never in my head. I prefer to be an actress because it is with them Seeing concepts and playing has to do. That always appealed to me. For me it is still like a sandpit today: The child claims that the sandpit is a pirate ship. And then it is also a pirate ship, that is no longer questioned. And me can still play in the sandpit to this day, that’s awesome. “

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