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28.10.2021 – 14:54

Federal Employment Agency (BA)

Nuremberg (ots)

Bringing young people together with training companies so that they can start #training – this is what the partners of the “Alliance for Training and Further Education” campaigned for from June to October 2021 in the “Summer of Vocational Training”. On nine thematic days of action, they showed the extensive opportunities for personal development that in-company vocational training offers.

The days of action were accompanied by a variety of events such as information events or summer camps and addressed numerous young people. In total, the “summer” counted around 800 regional events and achieved over 2 million views on social media. In this way, numerous young people and their parents could be reached and informed about the excellent job, career and income opportunities of dual training. And many companies were motivated to offer and fill training positions.

In the “Summer of Vocational Training”, the joint efforts of the alliance partners succeeded in promoting vocational and dual training regionally and nationwide in public. The success of the initiative is also reflected in the current figures on the training market: by the end of September 2021, companies in industry and trade, crafts and liberal professions concluded two percent more training contracts than in the previous year.

Even after the end of the “summer of vocational training”, the alliance for training and further education is committed to strengthening dual training. And the placement continues: the apprenticeship exchanges of the chambers and the training exchange of the Federal Employment Agency still offer many attractive apprenticeship offers that are waiting for interested applicants. Many companies and companies are still looking for their skilled workers of tomorrow.

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier: “Dual training is a great strength of Germany as a location. We must continue to do everything in our power to further strengthen dual training and get more young people interested in this path. The summer of vocational training was a great success. Allianz partners for Education and training have set a strong example with an impressive number of events and social media activities. The Alliance for Education and Training will continue to work intensively in the coming months to further stabilize the training market and to place dual training as the central point To strengthen the pillar of the next generation of skilled workers. “

Federal Minister of Education Anja Karliczek: “It is important to me that all young people striving for an apprenticeship find an apprenticeship position where they can use their skills and strengths. An apprenticeship is the key to a secure professional future Well-trained skilled workers in trade and industry will be available in the coming years. So that we can also succeed in year 2 of the pandemic, we have joined forces with its diverse campaigns as part of the alliance for training and further education for the ‘summer of professional training’ We can be satisfied with our work together. As a sustained contribution from the Federal Ministry of Education, I started the digital career orientation portal berufenavi.de in October, which now and in the future enables young people to gain comprehensive and reliable access to career orientation and the search for apprenticeships. “

Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil: “Training is the best investment in the future. To do this, we have to support young people with their start into professional life and bring them together with companies. The joint campaign has shown that this is also possible under Corona conditions. With the federal program ‘Secure apprenticeships ‘We also provide financial help so that the training can continue even in these economically difficult times. Applications for funding can still be made now. That is why I call on all companies to train and also to use the training bonuses. “

Minister of State for Integration Annette Widmann-Mauz: “For Germany to be a strong business location, we have to inspire young people for dual training and support our companies and businesses. We did that with the ‘Summer of Vocational Training’ and the start of the ‘Secure Apprenticeship’ program. It is important that all young people here with or without a history of immigration. Because diversity is a real factor for innovation and ensures that our economy has the next generation of skilled workers that it urgently needs! “

Chairman of the board of the Federal Employment Agency, Detlef Scheele: “This year, together with the partners of the alliance for training and further education, with the” Summer of Vocational Training “we went unusual ways to support young people in starting their training. Over the summer we organized a wide variety of activities, so that young people and companies come together again this year. I really want to encourage young people who have not yet found anything after the official start of their training. It is not too late to start training. It is important that young people support one another Decide on your career based on your strengths and interests. And with this important decision, the employment agency’s career counseling is available to help and advise young people. “

BDA President Dr. Rainer Dulger: “The economy gave full throttle to vocational training in the summer. The diverse campaigns to get young people and their parents excited about training achieved an impressive range We are working together with the partners of the alliance for training and further education. Even after the “summer of vocational training”, the economy is not slacking off in its training commitment, because now, as the heart of every company, skilled workers are an important engine for the economic upswing despite and after Corona. The important thing is that training cannot only begin in August or September, but also beyond the end of the year. “

Deputy DGB Chair Elke Hannack: “The summer of vocational training once again put the importance of dual training in the foreground. But we must not let up in our efforts to offer all young people interested in training an apprenticeship position It is therefore worth fighting for every apprenticeship position. The often lamented shortage of skilled workers can, however, only be countered with good training Quality in training. “

President of the Conference of Ministers of Education, Britta Ernst: “We must not let up in our efforts to raise the public awareness of the diverse and highly differentiated vocational training offers that are open to all adolescents and young adults. Especially with a view to the attractive and crisis-proof career prospects that one offers professional training, beyond the “summer of professional training” it is important to intensify the offers for professional orientation in and outside of school in a way that is appropriate for the target group and to use new information and event formats in the social environment of the young people. “

Chairman of the Conference of Economic Ministers, Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart: “The system of dual training is the foundation for securing skilled workers in the future. Well-trained people are urgently needed in companies. Against this background, dual training enjoys a high priority in the federal states. This is also reflected in the large number of measures from partners of alliances, alliances and pacts in the federal states, which complemented the summer of the training of the alliance partners excellently diverse advisory services for young people and parents, hotlines, social media platforms and a campaign for internships in the craft were successfully addressed. “

Chairwoman of the Conference of Labor and Social Affairs Ministers, Kristina Vogt: “The” Summer of Vocational Training “emphasized the importance and value of vocational training for Germany. This was an important sign against the background of the corona pandemic. A wide range of actors highlighted the opportunities that training offers. Alliances were renewed , Special campaigns carried out, measures to stabilize the training market expanded and creative formats used. Many young people and companies could be reached. Vocational training is the best way to secure a livelihood and offers different job profiles and career paths. For coping with future challenges and the necessary transformation of our lives and the world of work, modern vocational training is a core element to help shape it. It is now important not to let up and to make access channels as well as funding and support systems transparent again and again, but also to develop potential for improvement. “

Information on “Summer of vocational training” and to Alliance for education and training can be found at: www.aus-und-weiterbildungsallianz.de.

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