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28.10.2021 – 18:59


Bonn / Eschweiler (ots)

Former President of the Intensive Care Medicine Association Divi, Prof. dr. Uwe Janssens, has warned against the escalation of the situation in view of the increasing number of infections. “It is a matter of time, of weeks, before the picture works its way to northern Germany, to other areas that are not yet affected. That really puts us under enormous pressure,” Janssens said in an interview with Phoenix. The problem is the number of free beds. “Some of them are below ten percent. That presents us with enormous logistical challenges.” After 19 months of continuous marathon in the fight against the corona virus, the staff are tired and burned out. With the planned expiry of the epidemic emergency on November 25, politics had sent an “unwise signal”, criticized the chief physician of the clinic for internal intensive care medicine in Eschweiler. “That created the feeling that it was over. Mr. Spahn said: Four out of five Germans are vaccinated. You simply cannot say that. We have vaccination breakthroughs that will increase because the vaccinations are less effective. There are so many Points that speak against us breaking into a calmed zone. ”

Janssens spoke out against a compulsory vaccination: “That would actually not solve the problem. It would make it even worse.” Rather, one must try to overcome the irrationality of fear by all means, including education. It is sad, “that you actually accept a really potential, almost 100 percent preventable clinical picture, you don’t get vaccinated – for whatever reason – and then you are seriously ill in the intensive care unit and with a high probability if you do land there, also die, “said Janssens.

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