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▷ Halloween: Well secured so that vandalism and Co. don’t shudder

28.10.2021 – 07:35


Frankfurt am Main (ots)

Creepy decorations, disguises and trick or treating – it’s all about Halloween, of course. On the occasion of the gruesome holiday, the digital insurance manager CLARK gives tips on how the evening can not only be fun for the little ones and how to be well protected against possible damage from pranks.

Halloween is probably the scariest holiday of the year. The children dress up and ring the doorbell in the neighborhood to ask for sweets. Adults can also turn the evening into a highlight: Halloween is ideal for a creepy theme party, a crime dinner or for a horror film marathon for two.

Well protected in case children cause damage

The well-known saying “trick or treating” refers not only to collecting candy in the neighborhood, but to playing a prank when there is nothing sweet. These pranks range from toothpaste under the doorknob to broken eggs on the doorstep to vandalism of house facades or surrounding vehicles with shaving foam and Co. In any case, attention should be paid to what children are carrying on this evening. If necessary, it can also make sense to discuss with the offspring which pranks are okay and which are not.

If damage does occur, it makes sense to know whether you can be held liable in an emergency or whether the existing insurance cover is sufficient. It is worth checking in advance whether the existing liability insurance also covers the children or whether the protection should be extended. Basically, children under seven years of age are not capable of tort. That means: You cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by them. Nevertheless, it can be conducive to peace in the neighborhood, at the tariff of the private liability insurance to ensure that children who are incapable of tort are also included in order to regulate potential harm.

Damage to your own property is also covered on Halloween

But not only your own children can cause damage, you can also become a victim of vandalism, especially on Halloween. Do you come to the car on the morning after Halloween and discover damage? For glass damage, including the headlights or the sunroof, comes the Partial insurance on. Damage to other areas of the car due to vandalism will be avoided by the Fully comprehensive insurance accepted.

If it was not the car but the property that was damaged, it could be that the building insurance steps in. An example of such damage would be permanent discoloration of the house wall from ketchup. At this point, it is possible that an existing tariff also covers damage caused by vandalism and the insurance company will pay for the new painting of the facade.

Well covered with private liability, fully comprehensive and residential building insurance, Halloween can come and the gruesome fun can be enjoyed without worry.

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