▷ Hahn: Secure the EU’s external border between Poland and Belarus

28.10.2021 – 14:20

CDU / CSU – parliamentary group

Berlin (ots)

The EU cannot leave Warsaw alone with the problem

The migration problem on Poland’s external EU border with Belarus is becoming more and more acute. The European policy spokesman for the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Florian Hahn, explains:

“The European Union must no longer stand idly by as Lukashenko carts thousands of migrants to Poland’s external border. He has developed from a dictator to a state smuggler. With this perfidious, cynical and inhuman form of hybrid warfare, he challenges the entire EU One thing is clear: Lukashenko only understands the language of hardship, and the EU cannot and must not allow itself to be blackmailed.

The border with Belarus must be fortified, made secure and impermeable as soon as possible. Above all, we must not leave Warsaw alone with this problem now.

It would therefore be only right for the EU to support Poland financially in expanding border security. This does not set a precedent. Hungary’s Prime Minister Orbán single-handedly financed his border fortifications himself. Unlike in the case of Hungary, the Polish EU external border is not under pressure because of the exponential increase in irregular migration, but is exposed to hybrid warfare controlled by the government. That is why the EU must act now. ”

Background: The CDU / CSU parliamentary group represents the mainstream parties in parliament and is committed to freedom, cohesion and personal responsibility. On the basis of the Christian image of man, the Union parliamentary group advocates a strong, free and democratic constitutional state, the social and ecological market economy, integration into the Western community of values ​​and the unification of Europe. The chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the German Bundestag is Ralph Brinkhaus.

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