▷ European politician Düpont (EPP) sees real danger of a “Polexit”

28.10.2021 – 16:38


Bonn / Brussels (ots)

After the fines imposed on Poland by the ECJ, the EPP MP in the EU Parliament Lena Düpont warned of the possible danger of a “Polexit”: “I think the danger is real – not because someone would actually ask for it, or because of the communication strategy belongs to the Polish government. But in the end, if we are not careful, it will amount to a factual one, “said Düpont in an interview with Phoenix. “I am relying very much on the fact that the Polish people, who have shown where they stand in the last few weeks with very large, very numerous pro-European demonstrations, will take on a little more responsibility and their own government under pressure, “the EPP MEP continued. She urged “smart action” in the current tense situation. “There are crucial hours and days here on a European level. Of course, in the end the dynamics have to run in such a way that they don’t overwhelm us.” Everyone involved in the process must “carefully and carefully weigh the instruments” that they have in hand.

Düpont described the EU Commission’s approach as consistent. “It’s a shame it had to get to the money, but it’s a last resort that we have on hand before the big guns hit.” The record amount of one million euros per day is significant. “Because it comes in addition to what the European Union keeps through the reconstruction fund.” In addition, the EU has the option of withholding money through other funds.

You can see the whole interview here: https://youtu.be/auaTvG5GKRI

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