▷ Black Friday Sale Study: Around 40 percent of online retailers expect sales to increase

28.10.2021 – 08:00

Black Friday GmbH

Vienna / Berlin (ots)

According to a current market survey by Black Friday GmbH with around 100 German retailers, online retailers are in a positive mood for the sales event at the end of November. Around 40 percent expect that customers in their sector will buy more goods and services this year than last year. 80 percent of the retailers surveyed plan to take part in the Black Friday sale.

On November 26, 2021, the Black Friday sale will take place on the platform for the ninth time in Germany blackfridaysale.de instead of. Due to the Corona / Covid19 situation, there were significant growth rates for online retailers last year, while the situation for stationary retailers had worsened compared to the years before.

Online retailing optimistic, brick-and-mortar retailing a little more optimistic

The assessment of the Black Friday sale was analyzed among 100 German retailers using a current survey. “The mood among German online retailers is largely positive,” says Konrad Kreid, Managing Director of Black Friday GmbH. “More than 72 percent expect that more or the same number of customers from their sector will buy goods or services this year than last year. The situation for stationary retail is also seen a little more optimistically than last year. Around 48 percent stated that they would sell just as much in the same period last year and 17 percent even think that they will increase the figures from last year ”, Kreid continued. Consumer acceptance of buying online has changed since the corona pandemic; According to the survey, almost 59 percent of retailers stated that this has increased in their industry.

Reasons not to buy in brick-and-mortar stores

More than 65 percent of the retailers surveyed continue to see fear of Corona / Covid19 as the main reason not to shop in stationary stores. 55 percent estimate that good experiences already made when shopping online are decisive for maintaining this form of shopping. With around 30 percent each, the retailers stated that less shopping experience due to Corona / Covid19 restrictions, fewer options for comparison and fewer available goods are reasons why customers will not shop in brick-and-mortar stores this year.

80 percent of retailers plan to participate in the Black Friday sale

Around 80 percent of the retailers surveyed have already taken part in the Black Friday sale and this group will be there again this year. “In addition to the increase in sales, the increase in awareness and the acquisition of new customers were named as advantages for participation,” explains Kreid. Similar to last year, the majority of retailers estimate that the average expenditure per customer on the day of the campaign will be around 300 euros.

Confusion about the word mark “Black Friday”

More than 45 percent of the retailers surveyed stated that the “Black Friday” brand is not protected in Germany or that they do not know it. “We see confusion around the brand topic. Although well over two thirds of retailers are planning to carry out discount campaigns, many of them do not know that it is a registered and therefore protected word mark. The “Black Friday” trademark is still protected for all registered goods and most of the services. The owner of this is Super Union Holdings Limited and Black Friday GmbH is the exclusive licensee of the word mark, ”says Kreid.

At blackfridaysale.de, the sales event will start on Thursday, November 25th at 7:00 p.m. this year and will therefore run for more than 24 hours.

About the Blackfridaysale study

Black Friday GmbH surveyed 100 online retailers in October 2021. It was an online survey (CAWI). The online retailers surveyed are active in the following areas: fashion 24 percent, electronics 21 percent, accessories 14 percent, food 13 percent, sports 10 percent, beauty, travel and living 6 percent each.

Via Blackfridaysale.de

www.blackfridaysale.de is the provider for the top shopping event of the year. Several hundred participating brand shops and hip labels drastically reduce their prices for 29 hours. On the shopping portal blackfridaysale.de, customers can find suitable products and all “Black Friday® Sale” offers from participating retailers in clear categories. In 2021, the sales event will start on Thursday, November 25th at 7:00 p.m. on blackfridaysale.de. Black Friday GmbH has the exclusive rights of use for the protected word mark “Black Friday” in Germany.

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