▷ Almost rosy prospects – comment by Jens Anker

28.10.2021 – 19:30


Berlin (ots)

Three percent more employees, nine percent fewer unemployed – the first post-corona phase is getting off to a good start for the Berlin economy. And that even though tourism, which has brought wealthy audiences to the city, is still a long way from being at pre-corona levels.

The attraction for start-up companies also seems to be unbroken despite the pandemic. With N26, a financial company now valued in the billions has its headquarters in Berlin. The new Siemensstadt, the conversion of Tegel Airport into a model area for future technologies and also Tesla near Berlin are additional pounds of economic development. Berlin has long been a top location for science and research.

With these encouraging prospects, experts also expect a further rise in average wages. Berlin still ranks lower in the national comparison. It is therefore all the more important that something happens in areas beyond the booming industries.

Tariff agreements as they have now been made with the BVG, or with Vivantes and Charité right in front of the door, are expressly welcomed. In the public service, salaries have been almost completely aligned.

Unfortunately, however, dark clouds are also gathering on the horizon. Nobody currently knows whether the high rate of inflation is a temporary consequence of Corona – or whether it will last longer. Then the positive wage development would be eaten up by the inflation and could destroy the current rosy prospects for Berlin and the region. There is no reason to give the all-clear.

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