▷ 2G model: Corona admission controls save money and time

28.10.2021 – 13:42

UMTS Media Service GmbH

Hamburg (ots)

After Hamburg, other federal states have introduced the 2G model as an option to the 3G model. There is talk of extending this solution to supermarkets as well. This means considerable control effort for the company. But this can also be done fully automatically with the mobile Covid-Doorman admission control. The Covid-Doormann is the first mobile EU vaccination pass check system to control the 2G rule with a turnstile and label printer.

What can the Covid doorman do?

The Covid doorman monitors compliance with the 2G rule. To do this, customers and guests show the QR code of their vaccination certificate or their proof of recovery. The device recognizes fake QR codes as it compares the data with the EU’s COVID certificates. In the case of falsified codes, the Covid doorman refuses entry and optionally gives an acoustic and visual alarm. Even if the non-contact fever measurement shows an elevated temperature, there is no admission.

Up to 1,800 people per hour can be checked with the Covid-Doorman. This prevents waiting times and long queues. The comparison of the QR codes makes tricking difficult and can prevent impending fines in the event of negligent control. The device is mobile, requires neither installation nor laying of cables. A simple power connection is sufficient. An LTE internet connection is optional. There is a model with a stand, as a tabletop device, one for wall mounting, another with a revolving door and a model with a turnstile.

Who is the Covid Doorman suitable for?

Whether in the hotel, in the restaurant, in the stadium, in the shop, in educational institutions, in authorities, in clinics, in retirement homes, at Christmas markets, at city festivals, in companies, shopping centers or in the cultural sector – it pays off wherever there is public traffic an automatic admission control. Admission with the Covid-Doorman works faster, safer and smoother than with a control by your own staff or by external security guards. People could also become infected during the control or be verbally and physically attacked.

A label printer is available as additional equipment for the hotel industry. This means that after a successful test, a label is printed out on a Bluetooth label printer and can be stuck to the guest card. This saves time when transferring the data.

Other optional services

From January 2022 there will also be a digital visitor management system. With this cloud service, it will be possible to pre-register visitors on the companies’ websites. After a simple registration process, visitors can book an online appointment. The visitor then receives a QR code with which he appears at his appointment. At the appointment, the visitor shows this QR code and the QR code of the vaccination card to the Covid-Doormen at the entrance and is admitted.

This form of digitization relieves the staff and saves time-consuming appointments before the appointment is made and on site. With a visitor control, access can be restricted and reliably controlled. The Covid-Doorman regulates access restrictions in real time and autonomously. All necessary hygiene measures and data protection are observed. A mask control can also be activated.

The saved data can be easily accessed. If necessary, the data can be sent to the health department. This speeds up contact with those affected and simplifies processes. Depending on the federal state, there are different periods for storing and deleting the data collected. The deletion of the data can be automated individually.

Solutions for all industries

The Covid-Doormann was developed by Hüseyin Dayan, the managing director of UMTS Media Service GmbH in Hamburg. He talks to potential customers about what equipment they would like. As with the solution for hotels with the printable label, Hüseyin Dayan includes these wishes in his product development. So if you need a specific solution, it is best to contact Hüseyin Dayan personally. If you want to order a Covid doorman, visit the shop https://www.coviddoorman.com. Some devices are in stock and can be delivered immediately. Other devices can be pre-ordered.

Company information

UMTS Media Service GmbH from Hamburg has been offering digital solutions for companies for over 20 years. On the occasion of the corona pandemic, the company has developed devices for digital admission control – the so-called “corona traffic light” – as well as a contactless fever measuring system. The latest product is a mobile system for admission control according to the 2G regulation. The classic portfolio of UMTS Media are cash register systems, camera systems for video surveillance and alarm systems. Customers benefit from the full service with advice, planning, project planning, implementation and maintenance.

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