Viral: Young man in India sells his wife and buys a cell phone with the “payment”

A 17-year-old man sold his wife to a 55-year-old man and with the money he obtained he bought a cell phone for which he was arrested by police in Odisha, a state of India, according to the Hindustan Times newspaper.

The man sold his wife just a month after their wedding and the “buyer” was a 55-year-old man, in the city of Rajasthan, where he went to work in a brickyard.

The 26-year-old wife was rescued by authorities in the Baran district and the operation was carried out with “great difficulty,” according to the newspaper, because the locals did not allow the police to take the woman, claiming that they had paid for her.

According to information from the Indian media, the couple got married last July and moved to Rajasthan where he found work, but later returned to his place of origin without his wife. Her family questioned him about the woman’s whereabouts and the man replied that he had run away. This version was not believed by relatives and they reported the incident to the police.

It was then revealed, after investigations, that the woman had been sold by her husband for about 1,800 rupees after which the young husband spent the money on a dinner party and also bought a cell phone. Now he faces the law while in a juvenile prison.



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