Transformed into a child flight attendant wearing a Jeju Air uniform

Travel taste Gimpo Airport store uniform sales
Suitable for 6-9 years old, the price is 75,000 won

Jeju Air is selling limited edition cabin crew uniforms for children at Lotte Department Store’s Gimpo Airport branch of the in-flight meal cafe ‘Travel Taste’ / Jeju Air

Jeju Air is selling limited children’s cabin crew uniforms at the in-flight meal cafe ‘Travel Taste Lotte Department Store Gimpo Airport Branch’.

Children’s cabin crew uniforms were released for boys and girls. The boys’ uniforms consist of a shirt, trousers, epaulets, ties, and crew badges, and the girls’ uniforms consist of a blouse, a skirt, and a flower-shaped scarf. These sizes are suitable for ages 6 to 9, and the price is 75,000 won each.

Meanwhile, Jeju Air is selling ‘Smile Meatball Pizza’, an in-flight meal exclusively for children, at a 10% discount to all who book ‘Children’s Cabin Crew Experience Class’, an aviation safety experience program for children for one month in November.

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