Tourism industry jobs gathered in one place… 200 people hired

2021 Tourism Industry Job Fair held online and offline
Participated in 80 tourism companies including travel, hotel, resort and MICE
2 million won per person per month for tourism companies when hiring ICT manpower

‘2021 Tourism Industry Job Fair’ will be held online (October 28 – November 19) and offline (November 16 – 17) / Korea Tourism Organization

By maximizing job matching, the tourism industry job market, which has been stagnant due to COVID-19, will be revitalized. The ‘2021 Tourism Industry Job Fair’ hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and co-hosted by 10 tourism-related organizations including the Korea Tourism Organization will be held online (October 28 to November 19) and offline (November 16 to 17). will be held

The tourism industry job fair, which marks its 8th anniversary this year, has a slogan of ‘Renewal tourism industry, real jobs’. 80 tourism companies including travel, hotels, resorts, and MICE will participate, and a total of 200 people will be hired. In particular, it focused on introducing occupations and duties in the tourism industry that are changing recently. At the online expo, 13 new jobs will be introduced in the online fair: ▲ ESG-related jobs (barrier-free tour guide, fair travel expert, forest commentator, vacant house coordinator, etc.) ▲ new digital jobs (tourism VR content expert, digital concierge service planner, etc.). Cyber ​​curators, MICE big data experts, and metaverse planners are invited to hold a talk concert for incumbents in new positions. Participating companies can search the talent pool, and job seekers are provided with a cover letter analysis and mock interview experience using AI.

In line with the step-by-step recovery of daily life, offline exhibitions are also being promoted. For two days from November 16th, an offline exposition consisting of 10 recruitment halls of five-star hotels including Four Seasons Hotel and a future tourism trend experience hall will be held at the first exhibition hall of the aT Center in Seoul. On the first day, a recruitment briefing session for public institutions and representative companies in the tourism sector will be held, and visitors can experience the use cases of new technologies such as AR/VR in the tourism industry at the Future Tourism Trend Hall.

Hwang Seung-hyeon, Head of Tourism Human Resources Development at the Korea Tourism Organization, said, “This expo will be an opportunity to inform job seekers of new job trends in the tourism industry. We will work for it,” he said.

Meanwhile, in connection with the tourism industry ICT manpower recruitment support project, which is being promoted by the Tourism Organization, this expo will provide a monthly employment support of 2 million won per person to tourism companies that have hired ICT manpower at the expo.

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