Seungwoo Travel Agency, Healing Trip by Walking on the Namhae Sea and Islands

Southern Light Sensation Tour resumes from November 8th
4 products linked to Busan, Geoje, Tongyeong, and Namhae

Seungwoo Travel Agency will resume the ‘Southern Light Sensation Tour’, which tours Busan, Geoje, Tongyeong, and Namhae from November 8. Photo courtesy of Tongyeong Bijindo / Seungwoo Travel Agency

From November 8th, Seungwoo Travel Agency will resume the ‘Southern Light Sensation Tour’ to visit Busan, Geoje, Tongyeong, and Namhae. As part of Korea’s Top 10 Themed Travel Project, it is a product that walks around Namhae’s representative tourist destinations.

With the southern sea and islands in the background, it is designed so that anyone can heal while walking. It is operated as a walking tour course of 2 days 1 night or 3 days 2 nights. The two-day, one-night trip is a ▲’Island Tour in Namhae Island,’ which slowly walks through the four sections of Jodo Island and Barae-gil in the South Sea, and a ‘Island View Trekking Tour along the Southern Ocean,’ which tours Bijindo Island and Windy Hill in Tongyeong. prepared ▲ ‘Travel from Namhae to Yokjido to rest, walk and see’ including 10 sections of Namhae Baraegil and trekking to Yokjido in Tongyeong ▲Busan Galmatgil Course 1, Oedo cruise ship & Haegeumgang, etc. Filled with a 3-day itinerary.

Maximize customer convenience. Minimize travel time using round-trip flights between Seoul and Gimhae, and stay at a 5-star hotel. It operates as a small package for 6 to 12 people, and you can only participate in the tour after completing vaccinations. The price of the Southern Light Sensation Tour product, which runs until December, is 290,000 won for 2 days 1 night and 490,000 won for 3 days 2 nights.

Won-geun Lee, CEO of Seungwoo Travel Agency, said, “There are many unknown destinations in Namhae, so I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce a trekking course where you can enjoy beautiful islands and walking tours. I hope you come back full of light sensibility,” he said.

Meanwhile, Korea’s Top 10 Themed Tours is a domestic travel revitalization project organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to foster 39 regions across the country as Korea’s representative tourist destinations. The 39 regions are divided into 10 regions, and a themed tour course is provided to travelers by linking distinctive tourist attractions.

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