Saturday, November 27

Sale due to renovation at the Hotel Intercontinental – Reise

Spoons, glasses, armchairs and beds, but also a reception counter, a system for cleaning beer lines and a device for cutting sealing rings: those who want can currently buy equipment and furnishings for an entire hotel via Ebay – pick-up on site. They are not objects from the Adlon in Berlin or the Savoy in Paris, not that. But from an upscale hotel, the Intercontinental in Frankfurt am Main.

The hotel is currently being renovated and is expected to reopen in about three years. In a new shine, as it is always so beautifully called, and the old furniture, the bumped crockery and curtains in the fashion of the noughties do not go well with it.

Now you can think small and pragmatically and buy two or three useful items for private use cheaply. Depending on what has just broken or worn out. So maybe a couple of plates, one of the room telephones and a bathrobe – if you didn’t steal one from the Interconti during the book fair before last.

If you only buy a few towels, you are making a mistake.

Or you think strategically into the future. Because no matter whether Corona will soon be overcome or not: It is always wise to convert your own apartment or house into a hotel. Be it that in the coming year it is not advisable to fly to Mallorca or Crete in fully booked planes in order to deliberately expose yourself to the risk of infection in crowded hotel complexes and holiday clubs, if not already en route. Or is it that people, finally freed from all danger, travel again as if there were nothing better.

In the first case, you keep your distance while on vacation, and whoever hates mobile homes and cannot get hold of a holiday home on the Baltic Sea will just stay at home. But there is guaranteed to be a holiday mood when you have refurbished your own four walls for Interconti. In the second case, it is high time to finally professionalize your own Airbnb offer. Anyone who has slippers from the former Interconti wellness area, a pizza oven and fireproof waste paper baskets will top the charts on the rating portals. You just have to collect everything yourself. Time for a city break on the Main.

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