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National park to be reborn as a trekking holy land… spur to attract foreigners

‘Foreign language safe hiking guide’ linked product monitoring
Plans for overseas promotion of national parks, holding trekking competitions, etc.

The Korea Tourism Organization and the National Park Service will carry out the ‘Monitoring the product monitoring of the safety hiking guide in foreign languages ​​in national parks’ in three national parks, Bukhansan, Jirisan, and Seoraksan, from October 28 to 29 / Korea Tourism Organization

Korea Tourism Organization promotes trekking tourism in Korea. Together with the National Park Service, the ‘National Park Foreign Language Safe Climbing Guide Test Operation Product Monitoring’ will be conducted in three national parks, Bukhansan, Jirisan, and Seoraksan, from October 28 to 29.

The foreign language safe hiking guide is a service that provides interpretation and guidance for foreign tourists when they visit the national park. As part of the ‘business agreement to promote trekking tourism’ signed by the two organizations in July, a total of 30 foreign language safe hiking guides were newly developed, 10 each in English, Japanese, and Chinese. In the monitoring event that will be held for two days starting on the 28th, about 60 people, including inbound travel industry officials and foreigner mountaineers in Korea, will participate in the trek for two days and one night. Based on the monitoring results in the future, the KTO plans to launch a business to attract overseas trekking tourists and to contribute to the creation of new jobs by further expanding the use of foreign language safe hiking guides.

Park Hyung-gwan, head of the theme tourism team at the KTO, said, “Due to COVID-19, the demand for walking outside the city center and enjoying nature is increasing all over the world. <지리산>We will develop various projects to revitalize trekking tourism in Korea, such as actively promoting overseas publicity of national parks in Korea and holding international trekking competitions in cooperation with local governments in the future.”

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