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Hana Tour and KMA Korea Management Association developed industrial training program

Production of experience-oriented industrial education contents based on edutech
Businesses targeting foreign tourists such as K-industry and cultural contents

Hana Tour will jointly develop an industrial training program in collaboration with the knowledge content specialist KMA Korea Management Association.

Although the demand for untact education has increased in the field of corporate education due to COVID-19, related contents are insufficient. Accordingly, the two companies agreed to produce industrial education contents using Edutech (education + information and communication technology). It plans to develop an experience-oriented industrial training program that combines artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Hana Tour plans various industrial education contents based on the field experience and know-how of the company-customized industrial training program, which was presented under the theme of travel, and the KMA Korea Management Association develops a representative curriculum for each field.

Both companies will also develop business targeting foreign tourists. Through Hana Tour ITC, Hana Tour’s inbound travel subsidiary, it plans to continuously discover Korea’s hidden competitiveness in the fields of K-industry and K-culture, and introduce products that promote its excellence.

An official from Hana Tour said, “Experiential learning contents based on Edutech will become a new trend for industrial training programs in the era of Corona. We will continue to expand the scope of collaboration.”

Hana Tour develops industrial training program with KMA Korea Management Association / Hana Tour

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