Coronavirus in Brazil: Senate recommends Bolsonaro’s indictment

Status: 10/27/2021 3:55 a.m.

A committee of the Brazilian Senate has voted in favor of bringing charges against President Bolsonaro over his Corona policy. Based on an investigation report, charges will be charged, among other things, with crimes against humanity.

By Anne Herrberg, ARD Studio Rio de Janeiro

The parliamentary investigation into Bolsonaro’s catastrophic corona management was already completed, when the Brazilian president was already causing the next scandal.

Anne Herrberg
ARD-Studio Rio de Janeiro

In his weekly live address on Facebook, the Brazilian head of state warned that those who were fully vaccinated could become infected with HIV more quickly. To prove it, he held an alleged study by the British government in the picture. Fake news, London said, Facebook deleted the video and the parliamentary committee of inquiry called for all Bolsonaro’s online user accounts to be blocked.

Commission recommends dozens of charges

Because of the repeated, blatant and potentially criminal behavior of the President of the Republic, Senator Omar Aziz explained the decision – the point was quickly included in the report of the parliamentary commission. This is now recommending charges against Bolsonaro and 77 other people, including several ministers and ex-ministers as well as three sons of Bolsonaro. The report was adopted by a majority of 7 out of 11 votes.

In more than 1000 pages, the report documents the failure of Bolsonaro’s government in the pandemic. First Corona was denied, then played down, to this day Bolsonaro is promoting the controversial active ingredient chloroquine, personally promoting apparently fake studies. The health system in the Amazon metropolis of Manaus collapsed twice. There was a lack of intensive care beds and oxygen. Many victims had to be buried in mass graves.

Bolsonaro was late in ordering vaccines

According to the commission, the most serious: Bolsonaro ordered vaccines too late – and too few. This has exacerbated the corona crisis. Renan Calheiros, who drafted the report, has clear words.

There are many people responsible for this, there are many accused, but the main responsibility rests with this president, this serial killer who seems to have an obsessive tendency to death.

Experts such as the lawyer Roberto Días from the Getulio Vargas Foundation consider it unlikely that Bolsonaro himself will be charged or that parliament will initiate impeachment proceedings.

There are undoubtedly some obstacles to holding the President himself accountable – but the civil servants who have no immunity against them, it seems to me, will be investigated as soon as possible. As for the President, the situation is a little more complicated, as the proximity between him and the Chief Prosecutor Aras is likely to hamper further steps.

Nevertheless: the political damage is great. Support for the president is melting among the population. Only the hard core of his supporters is still behind Bolsonaro.

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