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Canceled Vienna Agreement: Iran returns to nuclear talks

As of: 27.10.2021 6:39 p.m.

Iran agreed to resume nuclear negotiations in November. Preliminary talks in Brussels were “very constructive”. Talks have been on hold since the ultra-conservative Raisi was elected as Iran’s new president.

Iran will resume nuclear negotiations in Vienna next month. Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Bagheri announced this on Twitter. “The negotiations today in Brussels with (the EU’s Deputy Foreign Representative) Enrique Mora were very constructive and we agreed to resume the nuclear negotiations in November,” said the deputy minister and future head of the Iranian nuclear delegation in Vienna.

“Result-oriented negotiations”

The exact date will be announced next week, according to Bagheri. Before the official resumption of the nuclear negotiations, Iran wanted to hold consultations on “remaining differences” in order to enable “result-oriented negotiations”. That is why Bagheri met Mora in Brussels now. Both diplomats last met for talks in Tehran in mid-October.

The EU initially did not want to confirm the announcement: “There is nothing to announce from our side at the moment,” said EU circles after the meeting.

The EU has been trying for months to revive the interrupted talks in Vienna. They were interrupted in June. The trigger was the election of the ultra-conservative clergyman Ebrahim Raisi as the new Iranian president.

The Vienna deal, in which Germany, France, Great Britain, Russia and China are also involved, should prevent the construction of Iranian nuclear weapons. In return, the sanctions against Iran should be lifted.

Trump had canceled the agreement

The United States withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2018 under its then President Donald Trump. Then Trump put massive sanctions in place against the country.

In response, Iran gradually withdrew from many of the provisions of the agreement. US President Joe Biden, who has been in office since January, has declared himself ready to return to the nuclear deal if Tehran once again honors its commitments.

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