ASI Reisen: 2G from December | current tourism

The active and adventure travel specialist ASI Reisen is introducing the 2G rule for its small group trips on December 1st. In the future, travelers will have to submit a binding confirmation of their vaccination or convalescence status at the start of their journey when booking.

The aim of ASI Reisen is to offer travelers the best possible experience, says managing director Ambros Gasser. “Due to the many different rules for vaccinated and convalescent versus unvaccinated people, this is no longer possible without massive restrictions.” While the rules worldwide for those tested change regularly depending on the country, the rules for vaccinated and convalescent people are mostly unaffected. This applies to both the entry itself and the local regulations on access to restaurants or transfers.

In many countries, corona tests have to be repeated at least every two days, reports Gasser. Both the organization of the tests for individual guests and the time required for the journey made it no longer possible to run smoothly.

There are no restrictions on the part of the company for individual tours. Travelers would have to meet the relevant regulations of the destination area.

According to Ambros Gasser, guests who have already been booked will be informed and can rebook for an individual trip free of charge or receive a refund of the full travel price.
All information on the 2G rule from ASI Reisen is here deposited.

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