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Do you fancy a hike on the Sentiero Degli Dei, the “Path of the Gods”? Or would you prefer a culinary walk through olive groves and vegetable gardens followed by cooking together? A limoncello workshop? A zipline adventure? Or a kayak tour with a view of the spectacular walls of the Costiera Amalfitana?

The Amalfi Coast south of Naples has a lot to offer. “And we always get great views for free,” says Giacomo Miolo, who has been the owner of the “Gastronomic Trecking” agency for several years. Miolo is a qualified engineer, and with his agency he has built up “the company of his heart”.

Workshop with special organizers

These days he is one of numerous partners in a fam trip between the Italian tourist office Enit and the Forum Anders Reisens. The workshop is intended to show organizers such as Studiosus, Hauser Excursions, Geoplan, Wikinger, Fit Reisen and others the possibilities of everything that is possible on site.

It is also about showing the changes and new projects in tourism on the Amalfi Coast. “The Romans built the first villas and terraces here in antiquity,” reports Gastronomic Trekking founder Miolo. Later, people would have redesigned the landscape, introduced lemon and olive cultivation and made the Amalfi Coast one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, adds Salvatore Criscuolo, olive oil producer and owner of the Hotel La Conca Azzurra.

Rethinking tourism

The two agree that it is now a matter of changing this tourism and making it more sustainable. Instead of “just” driving along the coast, enjoying the views and swimming in one of the bays, they want to inspire guests for new offers and stay in the region for a little longer than just the usual two days.

Information on culinary hiking is available on the Website von Giacomo Miolo, general information can be found on the Tourist homepage of the Amalfi Coast.

touristik aktuell will be present at the event and will report on the workshop in four short reports this week. A detailed report will appear in the next but one print edition (ta 45-46 / 2021).

Matthias Gürtler

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