A to Z for ‘Paris Trip’ with Corona

As in European countries, Korea’s quarantine policy will be switched to with Corona in November. Even now, it is possible to travel abroad if vaccination is completed, but it is expected that more people will be leaving the country after November. Compared to before Corona 19, there are obviously more steps to go through, but it is not enough to suppress the travel sentiment. Through Paris, France, in October 2021, we looked at the current local scene and everything you need to travel.

Paris as seen from the Pullman Montparnasse Hotel

Vaccine Pass is as essential as passport

France is currently accelerating the recovery of daily life based on the high vaccination rate (88% over the age of 18, as of October 27) and the Pass Sanitaire. Foreigners are also welcome. Foreigners from green countries such as Korea are exempt from mandatory quarantine when entering France, and can travel freely with only a vaccine pass. Vaccine Pass is a digital certificate in the form of a QR code that confirms the fact of being vaccinated against COVID-19, and non-European foreigners can easily obtain it.

In France, in addition to restaurants and cafes, it is mandatory to bring a vaccine pass when visiting public facilities such as museums, concert halls, amusement parks and sports facilities, or when using public transport such as trains and planes. If you fail to check the vaccine pass, you will not be able to use the facility, so it is as important as a passport for travelers.

Anyone who has completed the second vaccination in Korea (18 years of age or older) can apply. There are two ways to obtain a vaccine pass. First of all, you can apply online on the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs before entering France, and it is free. A copy of the ticket, passport, and vaccination certificate (in English or in Korean) must be attached. It only takes 1-2 days to be issued.

If you have entered France without being issued an issuance in Korea, you can go to a local pharmacy and receive a temporary vaccine pass after undergoing PCR or antigen testing. However, since the cost of the test is charged and the time for recognizing a negative result is only 72 hours, the test must be performed every 3 days. Getting a vaccine pass online in Korea before departure is beneficial in many ways. If the vaccine pass is issued as a QR code, scan and enter the code after installing the mobile app TourAntiCovid. You can print the QR code and bring it with you, but it is more efficient to use the app as there is a risk of loss.

France Health Pass / Writer Kim Jin

Don’t worry about immigration

How about immigration after arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport? Even though it was early in the morning, there were quite a few people waiting to get through immigration. Vaccine passes are accepted between European countries, so the atmosphere in which travel is already active can be read from the airport. It took some time to enter, but the screening itself was very simple. After checking only the return ticket, I went straight through without any questions.

How long has it been since ‘No Mask’?

With the activation of the vaccine pass system, the duty to wear a mask is lifted, allowing people to freely travel outdoors. However, wearing a mask is compulsory in all public transport and indoor shopping malls such as museums and department stores. If you do not wear a mask in the designated area, you will be fined 135 euros (about 138,000 won). It is difficult to find people who do not wear masks in the Paris metro or museums, but when they go out, less than 5% of people wear masks. No-mask has become a daily routine again.

Near the Arc de Triomphe of Carousel, locals are enjoying their daily life with no-masks / Writer Kim Jin

Paris welcomes you

Vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency and the French government are Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen and Kobyshield. As all the vaccines that Koreans are vaccinated against are included, the number of Koreans traveling is increasing. A local guide in Paris also said that the number of tour requests from Koreans increased significantly from October. Nevertheless, travelers from neighboring European countries still fill their trips to France. I heard Spanish, German, and Italian easily around me. I often hear the news of racism against Asians due to Corona 19, but in Paris, it was a bummer. Rather, warm hospitality and kindness greeted returning tourists. My worries melted away like snow, and I fell deeper into Paris. In fact, it was not yet possible to obtain a vaccine pass with a Chinese vaccine, so Chinese travelers were hardly noticed.

Seine River Cruise / Writer Kim Jin

Paris full of romance and liveliness

Paris, where With Corona is located, was just as romantic and lively as before. The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Champs Elysees, and the Marais district, which are representative attractions, were crowded with so many people that they bumped into each other’s shoulders. The line at the Louvre was so long that we had to be prepared to enter. There were no seats in the Tuileries Gardens or the Luxembourg Park benches, and it was full of people trying to enjoy their daily life. As the sun goes down, it becomes more lively. The Seine River night cruise was full, and the surrounding tourist attractions were also full of people.

Sacre Coeur Cathedral on a Sunny Day / Author Jin Kim

New travel destinations you must know

Paris, where 90 million tourists visit every year, has taken a break due to COVID-19. It wasn’t like it just stopped. With the opening of new tourist attractions and facilities, we prepared to welcome tourists, and there were more must-see places.

The most notable is the Pinault Collection. Located in the Les Halles district of downtown Paris, the commercial exchange has been a symbol of the French economy for over 150 years. For the past three years, construction has been carried out to transform it into a contemporary art museum, and it opened this year. The reason that the Pinot Collection attracts the attention of the world is because the master of modern architecture, Tadao Ando, ​​directed the renovation of the building. With a large dome hall as the center, large columns were built with concrete walls to divide the modules into a gallery. All of the works on display are art collections from France and Pinot, who are the chairman and super collector of the Kering Group. So far, if you think of the Louvre and Orsay for art museums in Paris, now you have to remember the Pinot Collection.

Pinot Collection / Writer Jin Kim

Samaritaine, which opened the history of a popular department store in Paris, the hometown of department stores, celebrated its 151st anniversary this year. After the French Revolution, Samariten grew up in an atmosphere where citizens led commerce and industry, and after 16 years of construction, a new shape was born. The most striking is the glass-enclosed Rivoli building. The wavy glass façade reveals an overwhelming presence in the street where the old-fashioned buildings continue. While the main building of Pont Neuf, an Art Nouveau and Art Deco building, consists of luxury brands and Europe’s largest cosmetics store, the Rivoli building houses brands of up-and-coming designers reflecting trends. There are tours that tell stories about architecture, art, and the history of commerce and industry in Paris, and there are also Korean guides.

Samariten Department Store's Glass Facade Building 'Rivoli' / Writer Kim Jin
Samariten Department Store’s Glass Facade Building ‘Rivoli’ / Writer Kim Jin

Finally, there is the museum ‘Hotel de la Marine’. It was originally used to store royal furniture, but after the French Revolution it was used as an office for the navy. Originally, in France, a hotel refers to a mansion where aristocrats lived in the past. To define the concept of this space, which is currently used as a museum, it is a small Palace of Versailles with naval history. When you enter the inner hall, extremely ornate furniture and mirrors are displayed as they were at the time, giving you a glimpse into the luxurious life of a nobleman in the 15th century. The appearance of nobles dancing and talking was reproduced on a large glass screen, adding to the liveliness. If you can’t go to the Palace of Versailles, there is so much to see that the Hôtel de la Marin can be an alternative.

Hôtel de la Marin / Writer Jin Kim

To be exempted from quarantine after entering Korea

When entering Korea from France, a PCR-negative certificate is required. Within 72 hours of departure, you must first show the voice confirmation issued at the departure airport at the departure airport. You have to go to a testing center in France and get a PCR test.

In order to be exempt from self-quarantine after entering Korea, you must submit a PCR negative confirmation received locally / Writer Kim Jin

Paris with Air France

The 12-hour flight to Paris would be better with Air France. Air France is a luxury airline selected as Europe’s best airline and excellent airline in responding to COVID-19 at the ‘Skytrax World Airlines Awards’ in 2021.

Air France operates the Incheon-Paris route three times a week (Monday, Thursday, Saturday) until the end of December this year, and also opened a new lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to welcome travelers who are rapidly increasing due to with Corona. Clarins Spa, shower and changing rooms provide the perfect relaxation. In addition to thorough disinfection, masks and sterilizing tissues are distributed to all passengers.

In addition, eco-friendly steps such as Air France’s carbon-neutral challenge are also noteworthy. By introducing the low-carbon emission aircraft, the A350, the weight has been reduced by up to 67% and fuel consumption has also been reduced by 25%. No single-use plastics are used on board to achieve 0% CO2 emissions.

Air France’s new lounge

Paris, France Written by Kim Jin-jin

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