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27.10.2021 – 18:44

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A fundamental decision in advance: Who should the used car be sold to?

When it comes to selling a used car, there are basically two options: selling to a car buyer or selling it privately. Both variants have their individual advantages and disadvantages. While selling to one Car purchase is brought about quickly and easily – usually within a few hours – the better prices are often achieved in private sales. On the other hand, when selling privately, there may be trouble even after the sale, while the issue of used cars when buying a car is concluded with the signing of the purchase contract and the payment of the agreed purchase price. To whom the Used cars sold should be, i.e. to be able to answer satisfactorily for their own situation, the seller should be aware of the motivation for selling used cars. Is he in financial straits and needs cash quickly? Is the sale not pushing and is he willing to invest time and nerves in the sale in order to be able to achieve a top price in the end? However this question is answered personally: In the following, the topic of private sales will be dealt with, as this is more time-consuming than selling to a car buyer and is also more risky.

When selling privately, time and nerves have to be invested

Anyone who decides to sell their used vehicle privately must be aware that it must be well prepared and that it may take some time before the targeted top price can actually be achieved. At the beginning of any sales effort, it is imperative to determine the approximate value of the car. This valuation can be done, for example, via Schwacke at a low price. Another option is to call up advertisements that have been placed for comparable vehicles. In this way, too, the value of your own used car can be determined with great certainty. The sales portal via which the advertisement is to be placed is then selected. In order to rule out potential trouble from the outset, care should be taken when writing the text not only to mention the advantages of the vehicle, but also its shortcomings. The same applies to the corresponding photos. This honesty is half the battle when you follow the trouble Used car sales avoid and want to sell his car safely.

The time has come: interested parties have announced themselves. How can you safely sell the car now?

In addition to the correct formulation of the sales advertisement, there are a few things to consider when visiting potential interested parties, if you want to sell your car safely and not experience a nasty surprise. First of all, you shouldn’t forego having proof of identity and your driver’s license shown before a test drive. Otherwise, there is a risk of trouble with the insurance company or, in the worst case, theft of the used car. If you come to an agreement with the interested party because he is finally ready to pay the top price that the used car should achieve, the sales contract is drawn up in which all defects are listed. In order to provide additional protection, an exclusion of warranty should definitely be agreed. Anyone who does not want to take the risks of a private sale can be Selling a car to a car buyer safely. You only have to pay attention to a fair purchase price – there is no need to fear later trouble.

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Brief summary

If you want to sell your car safely, you have the option of selling the used car to a car buyer and thus avoiding trouble in the aftermath of the sale. However, if you attach great importance to a top price, you can also do well with a private sale. In this case, the seller should be aware that he will have to invest some time and nerves until the used car is finally sold.

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