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27.10.2021 – 09:50

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Now new: The November highlights of the SWR in the ARD Mediathek, the ARD Audiothek, on Youtube and social media channels at a glance.

“All the best”

Four-part documentary series in which extraordinary lovers reveal their story. What hurdles did you have to overcome? What do others say about her? Unusual people give personal insights into their lives and their form of love for one another. The decisive moments on their way are told with selected retrospectives in graphic novel style. “Alles Liebe” – 30-minute episodes full of love, courage and the confession: We belong together!

Why take a look?

For romantics: those who are curious about the diversity in which love is lived.

Where to find

From now on all episodes in the ARD media library

“WohnSchön Years”

“Anni WohnSchön” solves the small and big challenges of living. How does home office work without a large “office” room at home? How can you do laundry in the most beautiful surroundings possible? How big does the hallway look? In ten YouTube videos, influencer Anni alias “Fräulein Emmama” solves living problems, conveys living style knowledge and gives users the good feeling of being able to design their own modern home without overburdening their budget. The great thing: Anni shows furnishing examples from her own house.

Why take a look?

For creative people looking for home inspiration and new DIY projects.

Where to find

From November 3rd every Wednesday on the SWR Youtube channel “einfachkreativ“.

“City + Country = Love”

They have already found a love for handicrafts and country life – but not the woman for life. Collien Ulmen-Fernandes accompanies 16 young men from the country in search of their dream partner. You meet 16 single women from the city: Can they inspire women for themselves and their homeland? For whom does it mean “City + Country = Love” in the end? A colorful journey through the workshops of the craftsmen to very special places in southern Germany, a rollercoaster of emotions – and lots of action.

Why take a look?

For romantic cheers, whether and when sparks jump over.

Where to find

All episodes from November 8th in the ARD media library

“Sack of rice – what is the world to you”

Podcast about young people from all over the world: Merve Kayikci, Malcolm Ohanwe and Ramin Sina talk in their podcast “Sack of rice – what’s the world to you?” with young people who experience what we see, read or hear as headlines in the news. The new season of “Sack Reis” starts on November 11th. In the first episode, Ramin Sina talks to an Afghan woman and her 15-year-old daughter about her life under the Taliban. The two organize a school for girls in their apartment – of course, top secret and hidden, because the Taliban are not allowed to find out about it. The second episode (November 25th) deals with Kosovo. Malcolm Ohanwe wants to know why so much successful pop music comes from this small country.

Why take a look?

For thinking outside the box – authentic stories from all over the world.

Where to find

From November 11th in the ARD Audiothek, on DASDING.de and on the popular podcast portals. New episodes every 14 days on Thursdays. Also: There are more here SWR Podcast-Tipps

“A touch of America”

How the West Palatinate becomes Little America: The historical drama series “A Touch of America” ​​is about the clash of two worlds when one hundred thousand US soldiers were stationed in the Palatinate province in the early 1950s. The Americans pave the way to individual freedom, freedom of movement and capitalism in post-war Germany. In the midst of this chronicle of the turn of the century, the series tells the story of a female friendship as well as the love story between a farmer’s daughter and a black soldier. “A Touch of America” ​​embeds highly topical issues such as emancipation and racism in a large historical context and an exciting story.

Why take a look?

For serial junkies interested in history in Germany.

Where to find

All episodes from November 24th in the ARD media library

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