▷ Robotics in the operating room of the German Armed Forces Central Hospital in Koblenz

27.10.2021 – 11:13

PIZ equipment, information technology and usage

Koblenz (ots)

The recent delivery of the “DaVinci Xi” surgical robot lays the foundation for the introduction of robot-assisted surgery at the Bundeswehr Central Hospital (BwZKrhs) in Koblenz. The Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use (BAAINBw) signed the relevant contract in August of this year.

Robots are sometimes seen as precise helpers and enable, for example, minimally invasive interventions in surgery. For this purpose, the surgical instruments are inserted into the body through incisions the size of a fingernail, moved from the outside and electronically controlled by the four arms of the robot, which precisely implement every movement of the surgeon. Since all control commands continue to come from medical staff, the surgical robot does not replace the doctors performing the tasks. They sit at a console where they can look into the operation zone with a 3D camera in order to use a joystick to use the robot arms accordingly. The robot therefore serves as a support – as an extended arm, so to speak.

Interventions using an operating room robot primarily minimize the risks of human-technical errors, as they filter out any hand tremors, for example. In addition, the minimally invasive technique is gentler on the patient, as smaller incisions also cause less pain and less blood loss and ultimately enable faster recovery.

The “Da Vinci Xi” is already in use in the Bundeswehr hospital in Ulm and is now also available to the BwZKrhs Koblenz for laparoscopy and partial removal of the gallbladder, appendix, prostate or uterus.

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