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27.10.2021 – 13:30

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The medical history podcast “Siege der Medizin” der pharmacy magazine highlights an exciting medical achievement in each episode. Episode four is about a very special topic: Psychotherapy, the “healing in the head”. Why and since when do we humans deal with the thoughts and feelings of others? How do we know that physical illnesses can also have a psychological origin? This time, the narrator Ulrich Noethen is professionally supported by Professor Dr. Brunna Tuschen-Caffier aside.

Anxiety disorders, trauma-related disorders, depression and countless others: There are many mental illnesses – and also many people who suffer from them. “Figures show that around 30 percent of the general population in Germany have some kind of mental disorder, which is a lot”, says Brunna Tuschen-Caffier, Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in Freiburg. And while in the Middle Ages people who behaved psychologically abnormally were still described as being possessed by witches or the devil and locked away or even tortured, today we know where the disorders can come from – and with psychotherapy we have techniques and methods to heal the soul (ancient Greek: psyche).

Impressive leaves actor Ulrich Noethen the listeners in the new podcast episode participate in how it may have happened with the Vikings and in the Middle Ages when people showed psychological abnormalities. And as it happens next to those who simply expelled the mentally ill, also again and again Helpful who turned to them, listened, gave pastoral care. They didn’t know where the interference was coming from – even at times Sigmund Freuds it was still assumed that mental illnesses are organic and innate. It was the Viennese doctor and neurophysiologist who finally realized that “Body and soul hanging very closely together, that was revolutionary for the time”says Brunna Tuschen-Caffier. It became clear: “Blockages that express themselves physically can ultimately be resolved through conversation, through dream interpretation, through listening. That was a very great benefit.”

In the podcast, listeners learn how psychotherapy has developed, which people still had an important influence on it and what drugs can do. The whole episode is everywhere that there are podcasts.

“Victories of Medicine” at a glance:

The podcast revolves around the greatest medical achievements – told in an exciting and vivid manner by actor Ulrich Noethen. In addition to experts, Noethen lets the story have its own say and takes the listeners on a journey through time into the respective situations and locations of the medical-historical milestones. With radio play-like dialogues, expert voices as well as an outstanding, sparingly used sound design consisting of music and reduced noise effects, the podcast combines information transfer with goosebumps while listening and turns medical history into a special listening experience. This is well received by the listeners: With over 90,000 streams to date and a constant top position in the Apple health podcast charts (as of October 27: 15th place), the format is one of the audience favorites.

“Siege der Medizin” comes out every fortnight Gesundheit-hör.de, the audio offering from pharmacy magazine. “Siege der Medizin” is also available free of charge everywhere else where there are podcasts, for example at Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

To the video trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HaUuN0YzRQ

The upcoming topics and dates

Episode 5 (November 10th) Dialysis and artificial kidneys

Episode 6 (November 24th) HIV medication

Episode 7 (December 8th) Chemotherapy

Episode 8 (December 22nd) Birth control pill

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