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27.10.2021 – 11:30

Factual account

Hamburg (ots)

It’s not just fashion and cooking fans who look for inspiration on the Internet, press spokesmen, brand experts and PR consultants also like to use blogs to find out about the latest news from the world of marketing and the media. A particularly large number of them use the blog of the global agency Team Lewis. It is about social media, authentically communicated sustainability or advertising in video games. The LEWIS blog takes first place in the blogger relevance index compiled by the communication consultancy Faktenkontor, which provides a well-founded overview of the relevance of 1,600 blogs in German-speaking countries. In this case, PR blogs were checked for their visibility on the internet, the number of links, social media activities and interactions with the community.

In second place is the “Mediengau” of the crisis PR expert and managing partner of Faktenkontor GmbH, Jörg Forthmann. This is about communication errors made by companies and who gets off well or badly in the media. The so-called “PR doctor” Kerstin Hoffmann made it to third place with her blog. She writes about corporate communication and marketing in the digital age with practical tips on time management or legal pitfalls. The top 25 PR blogs contain numerous different aspects for communication professionals – from tourism PR and the experiences of trainees in corporate communication to tips for data-based performance marketing.

More information about the Blogger Relevance Index can be found here:

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