▷ “nd.DerTag”: Former left leader Katja Kipping criticizes the election campaign

27.10.2021 – 14:46

nd.DerTag / nd.DieWoche

Berlin (ots)

Former Left Party leader Katja Kipping has spoken critically about the left’s election campaign around a month after her party’s poor performance in the federal election and on the sidelines of a left-wing parliamentary group retreat. “Many believed that leaving NATO was more important to us than enforcing social security. What was then tried to do the right thing in the election campaign over the last few meters was thwarted by our appearance in the Afghanistan evacuation mission,” said Kipping der in Berlin appearing newspaper “nd.DerTag” (Thursday edition). At the time, you vigorously campaigned in the parliamentary group for the left to agree to the operation. “If the public hears that dogmas are more important to us than human lives, we lose,” said the member of the Bundestag.

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