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27.10.2021 – 11:45


Berlin (ots)

Against the background of the report announced for tomorrow on environmentally harmful subsidies by the Federal Environment Agency, NABU is calling on the traffic light coalition to massively reduce the billions in false incentives in the coming legislature. The dismantling of subsidies that are harmful to nature and the climate must become the central task of financial policy. Most recently, around 67 billion euros per year have flowed into environmentally harmful activities. It is not uncommon for these subsidies to reduce the pressure to modernize and thus increase follow-up costs in the future.

NABU President Jörg-Andreas Krüger: “Whether in agriculture and forestry, in energy generation and use, in construction or in the transport sector – the catalog of environmentally harmful subsidies is long. and climate protection goals. They lead to an enormous loss in the efficiency of our ecosystems and biodiversity as well as high ecological follow-up costs. At the same time, these financial resources are lacking elsewhere: for stronger environmental protection and urgently needed future investments and consistently reduce environmentally harmful subsidies. ”

A clear example can be found in the agricultural sector: “Current practice, for example through extensive flat-rate area premiums, favors those who use their land intensively and accept environmental damage.

Similar effects can also be observed in the transport sector: “Here, for example, through the tax exemption for kerosene and the company car privilege, high subsidies are granted without any ecological steering effect, which block the urgently needed change in mobility. As a result, the sector’s CO2 emissions stagnate at a high level At the same time, the subsidies in the transport sector favor urban sprawl and thus lead to further loss of species, “said Krüger. The surface sealing is additionally fanned by the flat-rate construction subsidy.

“Even with the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFAF), we must better prevent EU funds from contributing to overfishing, supporting overcapacity in fleets and financing unsustainable fisheries and practices,” continued Krüger. NABU demands that at least 25 percent of the EMFAF be reserved for measures that serve the goals of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, Natura 2000 and the biodiversity strategy.


Subsidies that are harmful to nature and the climate promote environmental damage and the loss of biodiversity. They affect many sectors – such as area premiums in EU agricultural subsidies, subsidies for agricultural diesel, energy tax exemptions for kerosene and marine fuels, environmentally harmful biofuel subsidies, and commuter lump sums without any ecological steering effect. In addition, there are high subsidies for energy production and energy-intensive companies without modernization incentives, environmentally harmful VAT subsidies or construction subsidies that further fuel the sealing of surfaces.

With more than 820,000 members and sponsors, NABU, founded in 1899, is Germany’s environmental association with the largest number of members. NABU is committed to the preservation of habitat and biodiversity, climate protection and the sustainability of agriculture, forest and water management. The central NABU concerns also include conveying nature experiences and promoting natural history knowledge. More info: www.NABU.de/wir-ueber-uns

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