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In the Garden Restaurant Bayerischer Hof, guests of the Mindfulness Talk with Kneipp exchange ideas on the subject of mindfulness and learn about the new Kneipp MEN series Nature Feeling know. The panel will include Dr. Jürgen Blaak, Head of Cosmetic Science and Regulatory at Kneipp, the moderator Jochen Schropp, actor and film producer Ken Duken and Pia Baur, expert for Mindful Coaching & Training.

The venue is the restaurant’s winter garden, designed by the renowned Belgian designer and art dealer Axel Vervoort. With clean accents in industrial style, the room looks like an artist’s studio with an adjoining garden terrace – and offers the right environment for the presentation of the Kneipp MEN series with a focus on the subject of mindfulness: natural ferns, moss and the fresh scent of the new Kneipp bath crystals Nature Feeling underline the casual overall atmosphere of the event. The natural concept of Nature Feeling Men’s care series from Kneipp with the ingredients pine, buffalo grass & reindeer moss as well as lemongrass, guarana & liquorice is reflected in the stylish ambience of the event, where the participants first learn more about the new MEN series.

The product series to be released in autumn this year – consisting of Nature Feeling Bath crystals, the 2 in 1 men’s shower, the 2 in 1 face & beard wash gel, the 2 in 1 intensive care beard balm and the 24H intensive moisturizing face cream – will also be presented in a new spot that will not appear officially until January.

This is followed by various exciting insights into the everyday life of the celebrity guests – for example, Jochen Schropp shares his positive experiences with fasting hiking or digital detox and Ken Duken reports on how he practices mindfulness in the form of yoga, sport, the development of certain routines and, in some cases, multiple showers per day integrated into his life. It is said that Sebastian Kneipp already attached great importance to mindfulness and how the company sees an important connection between physical and mental health and the relevance of colors, smells, sounds and closeness to nature to this day. At the end of the talk, Pia Baur leads the entire audience through a mindfulness meditation and gives tips for more mindfulness in everyday life.

During the final lunch with a healthy 3-course menu, you can review the talk together and end it comfortably – everyone takes one resolution home with them: to integrate more mindfulness into daily life!

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