▷ It’s time to talk about men’s health (again)!  / Current study[1] from …

▷ It’s time to talk about men’s health (again)! / Current study[1] from …

27.10.2021 – 11:10

Procter & Gamble Germany GmbH & Co Operations oHG

Schwalbach am Taunus (ots)

It’s Mo time again: In the month of “Movember”, Movember is calling on men to grow a Mustache. The aim is to stimulate conversations about the important topic of men’s health with the eye-catching mustache. Gillette is once again an official partner of Movember, helping to raise funds and raise awareness for them. A current, representative YouGov study commissioned by Gillette and Movember shows why this is so important: Most men (72%) speak quite openly about mild complaints – but more serious illnesses, whether mental or physical, are still a topic before avoided (20%). Two thirds of the men surveyed would like a more open discussion culture. For a good 80% of those surveyed[3] Mental health has also become more relevant in public. This is not least due to the corona virus, because according to the study, around 40% have got worse as a result of the pandemic[4] or lonely[5] felt. Under the motto “This is your MO-Ment”, Gillette is calling for people to grow a Mo in November, collect donations, attract attention and speak openly about men’s health. They receive prominent support from Jochen Schropp, Fabian Hart, the Berliner Eisbären and FC Bayern Munich.

Men’s health must become an issue

Worldwide, men die on average 4.5 years earlier than women – for reasons that are in some cases avoidable[6]: Illnesses are often concealed, suppressed or delayed. Men’s most serious health problems, such as mental health and prostate and testicular cancer, are subjects that men talk too little about. It is literally vital to increase awareness and knowledge about it and to speak openly about it, because in Germany alone around 20 men commit suicide every day[7], nearly 15,000 men die of prostate cancer each year[8], more than 4,500 men develop testicular cancer each year[8].

Current study shows: there is a great need for discussion

As part of a representative YouGov study commissioned by Gillette and Movember, over 2,000 men aged 18 and over were surveyed online in the DACH region in August 2021. The study reveals that just under half of the men surveyed[9] believe that men cannot speak freely about health issues. Most often men share their mental or physical complaints with their partner. Around two thirds of the men surveyed[10] however, would like more open and honest communication with their friends on health issues; almost every fifth respondent[11] even considers this very necessary. The hurdle to talk about mental illness is even greater than with physical complaints: at least two thirds of the men surveyed[12] When talking about mild physical complaints, only around one in five expresses their mental problems such as anxiety[13] or about serious or chronic illnesses[14]. The topic of mental health has gained significantly in importance in recent years: around two thirds of those surveyed[15] state that this plays a greater role in their personal environment, around 80%[16] generally recognize an increased relevance of the topic in public. This situation has worsened again due to the corona pandemic: around 40% of men felt lonely or generally worse in the past year.

Together for men’s health

Gillette wants to encourage men to show their best. This also includes being good with yourself and others. In Movember, this is achieved when a man draws attention to the topic of men’s health with a Mo. Gillette is also supported by partners such as the Berliner Eisbären, who are also campaigning for Movember. They receive further prominent support from artists such as Jochen Schropp and Fabian Hart, who let themselves grow a mon and who let everyone participate in their experiences via their social channels.

Participation is easy

Movember starts on October 31st: This is the deadline for the “shave down”, a clean shave, so that the Mo then comes into its own. The Mo is allowed to grow throughout Movember. With Gillette razors, both preparation and daily thorough wet shaving succeed so that the mustache attracts full attention. And then: talk, talk, talk – about men’s health and Movember, about mental problems and how they can be overcome. With every purchase of a Gillette Movember promotional pack, EUR 1 will also be donated to Movember. True to the motto: It’s (again) time to talk about men’s health!

Help for first responders

A professional group that comes into contact with the topic of health several times are first aiders, rescue workers and nursing staff. The work is often physically and mentally stressful. These first aiders are particularly affected when it comes to mental health, not only during Corona times, but also regardless of it. Gillette is committed to initiatives in this area and last year donated EUR 170,000 to Movember to support mental health projects for professional first responders. This supports the Depression discussion forum, which is setting up a special contact point that rescue workers and their families can turn to.

The Movember rules:

PREPARE: Dealing with the topic of men’s health, stimulating initial discussions and drawing attention to Movember and important background information.

SHAVE DOWN: On October 31 Shave smooth and let the mustache grow for 30 days in November.

SHOW YOUR MO: Wear a mustache, start conversations & share your own experiences: Use the effect of the mustache to stimulate the topic of men’s health and to collect donations.

DONATE: With every purchase of a Gillette Movember promotional pack, EUR 1 will be donated to Movember.

Gillette Movember promotional packs:

  1. Gillette Fusion5: 9,99 EUR UVP[17]
  2. Gillette ProGlide Monochrome: 21,99 EUR UVP[17]
  3. Gillette ProGlide Monochrome: 21,99 EUR UVP[17]
  4. Gillette ProGlide: 12,52 EUR UVP[17]
  5. Gillette Styler: 26,99 EUR UVP[17]

Together on October 31 shave? More information about Shave Down is available on the Gillette & Movember social media platforms.

More information on www.gillette.com and up https://de.movember.com/

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[1] The data used are based on an online survey by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 2,051 people took place between 08/18. and on August 23, 2021 in Germany (n = 1,013), Austria (n = 522) and Switzerland (n = 516). The results were weighted and are representative for the respective population of the country aged 18 and over. Legend: AT: Austria, CH: Switzerland, DE: Germany

[2] 61 % DE, 67 % AT, 60CH

[3] 81 % DE, 80 % AT, 82 % CH

[4] 44 % DE, 43 % AT, 40 % CH

[5] 38 % DE, 37 % AT, 39 % CH

[6] Reference: Based on 2019 World Bank data – estimates of life expectancy at birth

[7] Reference: Eurostat/European Union(2021). Causes of death – deaths by country of residence and occurrence

[8] The values presented are the numbers of events that were expected to occur in 2020 based on national data and modelling by the World Health Organization (WHO), International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

[9] 49 % DE, 40 % AT, 44 % CH

[10] 61 % DE, 67 % AT, 60 % CH

[11] 17 % DE, 20 % AT, 17 % CH

[12] 74 % DE, 70 % AT, 69 % CH

[13] 22 % DE, 21 % AT, 20 % CH

[14] 24 % DE, 20 % AT, 20 % CH

[15] 61 % DE, 70 % AT, 68 % CH

[16] 81 % DE, 80 % AT, 82 % CH

[17] Retail price. The determination of the sales prices is at the sole discretion of the trade. Procter & Gamble has no influence on the individual end consumer prices. Please note that product availability and RRP may vary in Austria and Switzerland.

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