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27.10.2021 – 10:30

Medi-Globe Group

Rohrdorf / Achenmühle (ots)

The medical technology industry is considered to be particularly innovative, fast-growing and promising. The products used are widely used in diagnostics and therapy. Today, no area of ​​modern medicine can do without innovative technology. In recent years, innovative technologies such as minimally invasive procedures, robot-assisted operations or the use of artificial intelligence (AI) have helped doctors save many lives and improve the quality of life of patients around the world.

Mr. Jablonowski, what do you think are the pillars of medical technology?

MJ: “Innovative strength and product quality are the core elements. Zero-defect tolerance is the highest possible quality target for manufacturers. Accordingly, medical technology is heavily regulated and controlled by European and national supervisory authorities. Nevertheless, the industry has an outstanding innovation record: In Germany and Europe, No more patents are granted in any economic sector than in medical technology. Close cooperation between clinicians and medical technology companies creates ideas that are transformed into concepts and ultimately innovative products by well-trained engineers. ”

Medicine is constantly changing, will it stay that way in the future?

MJ: “Medicine and especially medical technology will always remain innovative. Human health is our greatest asset. For this reason, all possible technologies are used to improve health. All material-scientific optimizations are incorporated into medical technology – Miniaturization, nanotechnology, computer technology and robotics have become indispensable. New technologies from other areas of science are always being added, such as artificial intelligence, which is already used to improve diagnostics and therapy. ”

Why did you accept the offer to join the Medi-Globe Group as Chief Technology & Innovation Officer?

MJ: “I have known the Medi-Globe Group for many years. Its good reputation as a strong medical technology company, especially for endoscopic products in gastroenterology, urology and pulmonology, has been ahead of the company for a long time. It appealed to me to work with the company’s specialist teams to further advance the development of new products. ”

In your opinion, what are the strengths of the Medi-Globe Group?

MJ: “Typical of a medium-sized company like the Medi-Globe Group is the high speed at which business decisions are made and implemented. This is particularly important for innovations and helps drive change. The other is the self-image of a European medium-sized company with German roots and correspondingly high quality standards, which markets its products worldwide. Reacting with great flexibility to the changing requirements of medicine has always been the management credo. This interaction has resulted in strong brands that operate under the umbrella brand Medi-Globe Group ” .

Its title says it all: Technology and innovation belong together. Why are these areas in medical technology so closely linked?

MJ: “The connection arises from our tasks: The doctors present us with the challenge of solving a problem for them. We then consider which technology can be used to solve the task in order to develop a product that is as patient-friendly as possible through the necessary approval procedures before the innovative product is handed over to the doctors. ”

What professional experience do you bring to the Medi-Globe Group?

MJ: “For the past seven years I was CEO of a rapidly growing, innovative MedTech company. I acquired the basis for my work in the industry through two courses, medical technology and business administration. That was the basis for working at companies like Philipps Medical Systems, Siemens Energy and Thermo Fischer Scientific to work in the areas of R&D, product management and sales, almost exclusively in an international context. ”

What are your three most important goals as a CTIO?

MJ: “The Medi-Globe Group’s slogan is’The Spirit of Innovation‘. My priority is to fill this slogan with life in the long term and, above all, to activate and control innovative strength through customer proximity. This only works if our specialists work closely with the users of our products and get to know their daily practical problems. I also want to ensure that our product portfolio is always better than what our competitors have to offer. This includes, for example, better product quality, easier handling, the use of sustainable materials and much more. ”

Which indications and technologies will the Medi-Globe Group focus on under your leadership over the next five years?

MJ: “First of all, we will consistently expand our current focus in gastroenterology, urology, pulmonology and oncology through innovative products. In addition, my agenda also includes technology partnerships with other industrial companies and research institutes, from which further indication focuses will be revealed. ”

How will you operate operationally to achieve your goals?

MJ: “In our industry, success can only be achieved through consistent teamwork. It is a matter of reconciling the different expertise, horizons and perspectives of our experts. This is the only way to solve complex and complicated medical tasks. Our teams can work together successfully is one of the most important operational levers for me. ”

What is important to you personally when dealing with your new team?

MJ: “Values ​​such as openness and fairness in dealing with one another, clarity in communication and motivation are important to me. In addition, I expect innovation-driven curiosity from my colleagues and healthy competition to find the best technological and economic solution to our tasks. If we get that together, success comes on its own. ”

About Medi-Globe Group The Medi-Globe Group is an innovative, rapidly growing and internationally oriented group of medical technology companies in the fields of urology, gastroenterology and pulmonology. The headquarters are in Achenmühle in the Bavarian town of Chiemgau, around 70 kilometers south of Munich. Around 670 employees work for the Medi-Globe Group in Germany, France, the Czech Republic, China, Brazil and Austria. Customers include university hospitals, specialist clinics, specialist medical facilities and specialists in gastroenterology, urology and pulmonology in around 120 countries around the world. The managing directors are Martin Lehner (CEO), Christian Klein (COO), Dr. Nikolaus König (CFO) and Marc Jablonowski (CTIO). The company emerged from the Medi-Globe Corporation, which was founded in the USA in 1990. Since then, the company has continued to develop globally.

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