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▷ Full power – that’s what counts when charging e-cars!

27.10.2021 – 15:48

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Suggestion for moderation: You can now get the full charge for the electric car in more and more places in Germany: There are already around 25,500 charging stations in this country – and the number is increasing every day. Jessica Martin will tell you where and how you can charge your own e-car the fastest and cheapest.

Speaker: Anyone who drives an e-car knows that low temperatures have a negative effect on the performance of the batteries. The range drops – by up to 30 percent.

O-Ton 1 (Bernd Engelien, 25 sec.): “On the one hand this is due to the batteries themselves, on the other hand also because many additional consumers are used in the dark and cold season, such as the auxiliary heating Seat heating, but also the lighting itself. And what many do not know: Not only the capacity, but also the charging time of an electric car is actually subject to the fluctuating temperatures.

Speaker: Says Bernd Engelien from the direct insurer DA Direkt and explains what is particularly important when charging the battery:

O-Ton 2 (Bernd Engelien, 19 sec.): “A high performance of the charging station. With a charging station with 150 kW, for example, the battery is full in about 20 minutes, with an 11 kW charging station at home you can easily fill up overnight , but it takes a lot longer at a normal household socket. ”

Speaker: It’s faster at home with your own wallbox. However, depending on the provider, you have to invest between 500 and 2,000 euros for this.

O-Ton 3 (Bernd Engelien, 23 sec.): “Of course, in addition to the pure hardware costs of the wallbox, there are also the costs of installation and assembly. It is important to know, however, that the installation of a charging station at home currently costs around 900 euros is being funded by the KFW. That means, per charging point – and with a little luck you can even set up your charging station at home for free. ”

Spokeswoman: It is also advisable to insure the wallbox and the drive battery against fire and short-circuit damage.

O-Ton 4 (Bernd Engelien, 24 sec.): “Incidentally, e-cars are not automatically more expensive than other vehicles in motor insurance. Just like with any other vehicle, the premiums are then calculated from the type class, place of residence and no-claims class And also other factors. In some cases, electric cars are even considerably cheaper in insurance if the insurance companies have decided, for example, to reward environmentally friendly behavior with discounts. ”

Suggestion for moderation: More information on the subject of electric cars is available online at And always remember: if you compare offers from different providers, you can potentially save a lot of money.

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