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27.10.2021 – 12:23

PENNY Markt GmbH

Cologne (ots)

In September this year, PENNY made its own vegan umbrella brand Food For Future climate-neutral: Based on the calculations of the project partner ClimatePartner (CP), PENNY offsets over 16,000 tons of CO2 this year. The emissions are calculated according to the increasing range and offset via a certified climate and forest protection project in Peru (climatepartner.com/1114). In addition, since October 26, 2021, PENNY has been planting a total of 16,000 trees in Lölsberg near Overath – per compensated tonne of CO2 – in order to make the forest in Germany more resistant to the effects of the climate (climatepartner.com/1150). In 2020, PENNY was the first German discounter to introduce Food For Future, a cross-group vegan umbrella brand.

“With our PENNY forest, we are sending a visible sign that we as a company accept our shared responsibility in the fight against climate change. On tens of thousands of square meters, we and our partners from ClimatePartner are planting over 16,000 trees that are better adapted to the changed climatic conditions A piece of the future. The reforestation here in Lölsberg near Overath is taking place in addition to the climate and forest protection project in Peru, with which we offset the CO2 emissions of our vegan umbrella brand Food For Future “, says Stefan Magel, Head of Retail Germany at REWE Group and COO PENNY , on the occasion of today’s start of the tree planting campaign in Lölsberg. He could very well imagine expanding the PENNY planting campaign in the coming year, Magel continued.

Philipp Stiehler, Managing Director of Ware Discount adds: “In 2020, PENNY was the first German discounter to introduce Food For Future, a vegan umbrella brand across all product groups. The range currently comprises 30 items. The trend is rising, because we are seeing growing interest among our customers in foods without animal ingredients . That is why we will systematically expand the range. ”

“In order to be able to continue using the forest as a valuable carbon store, the forest conversion into a stable mixed forest is inevitable and at the same time an excellent opportunity to increase biodiversity in the forest and to promote further ecosystem services,” explains Helena Scholz, project developer for regional climate protection projects at ClimatePartner .

The CO2 footprint (PCF) of the roof brand Food For Future was calculated by ClimatePartner based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting an Reporting Standard (GHG Protocol). In addition to CO2, the climate-damaging gases methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur hexafuoride, fluorocarbons and nitrogen trifluoride were also taken into account. The calculations cover the product life cycle from raw material through transport, production and delivery to disposal (cradle-to-gate plus end-of-life).

Further information at: www.penny.de/klima

In 2020, PENNY achieved sales of 8 billion euros in Germany alone with 2,150 branches and around 29,000 employees.

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