▷ Alpenauto creates twin-win opportunities for hotels in the Alpine region

27.10.2021 – 10:44

Alpenauto GmbH

Kufstein (ots)

The Tyrolean company “Alpenauto” has developed an extraordinary business model that generates a twin-win opportunity for hoteliers

A Barter for Upscale hoteliers in the Alpine region, through the same two sources of income for the hotel industry be created.

Hoteliers have free room capacity, especially in the off-season. The employees are ready and actually it would be nice if the last rooms were still busy. The effort would be almost the same. And it is precisely at this point that Ralph Mairhofer has been using for 30 years, among other things Autohaus Autoforum in Kufstein leads with his new business idea and inspires countless Alpenauto partners.

Vehicles in exchange for room vouchers

Alpenauto lends vehicles of different brands to the hotel industry. The hotelier can use the chosen vehicle himself or rent it to his guests. “We have over twenty Alpine car partners in Tyrol with brands such as Porsche, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Peugeot and many more, with whom we can cover over 90% of all vehicle brands and bring them to the Alpine car swap business for our customers,” explains Mairhofer proud.

Die Twin-Win-Chance

“Payment” is made with room vouchers for the time outside the main season. The hotelier can choose the time at which a guest redeems these vouchers. That’s what the contract says. Another advantage is obvious: rooms that would otherwise be empty are enlivened. The occupancy rate increases and many additional services are also sold.

Zero risk and no additional costs

Alpenauto assumes all costs of the desired vehicle for the hotel partner, including fully comprehensive insurance with the right to sublet, liability, vehicle taxes, service costs and repair costs. The contract runs for three or four years, at the end even with a cheaper purchase option for the hotelier. The car dealer bears the risk of recovery when the vehicle is returned.

Alpenauto attaches great importance to Social Media Communication and offers hoteliers additional added value on their successful channels through recurring advertising campaigns and a high reach to the right target audience.

GAST trade fair in Salzburg from 6th to 10th November 21st, Alpenauto booth 02-0605

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