▷ A gift for the families / commentary from Gilbert Schomaker

27.10.2021 – 18:50


Berlin (ots)

It is probably the last present from the departing Berlin Senator for Education. As Sandra Scheeres (SPD) announced on Wednesday, there will now be a day before Christmas vacation. Instead of Christmas Eve, the first day of the holiday is now December 23rd. The Senator of Education is doing a U-turn. Just days ago, a spokesman for her administration had made it clear to the newspaper that schooling was compulsory. Because the Berliner Morgenpost had reported that not only the parents, but also the headmasters had spoken out in favor of a day off before Christmas.

It is good that the school senator has now changed her mind. And their justification is easy to understand. She wanted to offer the children and young people as well as all parents and guardians a Christmas season without too much time pressure, said Scheeres. This also makes sense if you look at the corona numbers. Because they are increasing. To reduce the risk of infection, it also makes sense not to send all travelers out in one day. For example, families can use the train to visit relatives two days before Christmas.

One only wonders why the revision of the decision took so long. Every planner in the education administration should have been aware that starting holidays on Christmas Eve poses major problems for many families. But so be it. Incidentally, the Senator has made another good decision: There is some relief for working parents. Because if necessary, childcare for the primary school children is guaranteed on December 23rd. The educators receive a compensation day for this. Overall, the regulation is citizen-friendly and close to everyday life. Wouldn’t that always be the case in educational policy.

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