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Korea Tourism Organization to hold 2021 tourism company eumweek
Local governments, travel agencies, and related organizations accept applications by the 31st
1:1 online meeting and offline demo day

Korea Tourism Organization to hold ‘2021 Tourism Connect Week’ from November 16th to November 19th / Korea Tourism Organization

The Korea Tourism Organization is recruiting local governments, travel industry, and related organizations to lead the With Corona tourism market in partnership with promising tourism startups by October 31st. At the ‘2021 Tourism Connect Week’ held online and offline from November 16th to November 19th, it is an opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with tourism startups as well as to get a glimpse of novel ideas and technologies. .

If you want new ideas and business opportunities, pay attention to this week of tourism companies. Tourism startups act as sellers and meet with buyers from travel agencies, hotels, airlines, OTAs, regional tourism organizations (RTOs), and tourism-related organizations. The program is largely divided into ‘1:1 Online Meetup’ and ‘Tourism Startup Demo Day’. If you want to interact with a desired company, you need to hurry. Online business consultation is currently in the process of pre-registration of buyers and application for consultation matching, and the offline demo day is scheduled to invite only 30 people a day on a first-come, first-served basis for 16-17 days due to COVID-19. Travel agencies, local governments, and tourism-related organizations wishing to participate can apply through the official website of the tourism company Ieum Week by October 31, and gifts for on-site participants are also available.

It is also noteworthy that the networking event is organized in a variety of different themes every day. In the 1:1 online meetup held throughout the event period, 84 tourism start-ups, the travel industry, and local governments conduct one-on-one online business consultations to broaden their contact points. Tourism startups show off their capabilities to local governments (16th), the travel industry (17th), and global investors (18th) through a demo day held at the Seoul Community House Masil. For two days from the 16th, a total of 30 startups will conduct on-site consultation and networking with local governments and travel industry officials, and on the 18th, 10 tourism startups who have been through the preliminary round will be offered IR pitching (company explanations and information for investors). promotional activities) can be directly observed.

There is also a space where you can directly meet the sparkling products and services of tourism startups. From the 16th to the 18th, the Seoul Community House Masil operates a tourism startup experience and exhibition hall. Smart technology, ESG products and services, camping and activity experiences are available, and excellent crowdfunding products are also on display.

Startups participating in the Tourism Startup Demo Day

▲Factory Factory ▲Live Hat Co., Ltd. ▲ MICELINK ▲Makerance ▲Baba Ground Co., Ltd. ▲Beagle Co., Ltd. ▲Virto Company ▲BTMedi Co., Ltd. ▲Sciiot Co., Ltd. ▲Story City Co., Ltd. ▲Co., Ltd. Streaming House HYUIL ▲Inner Trip ▲Enable Co., Ltd. ▲High Yellow Co., Ltd. ▲Korea Tour Pass Co., Ltd. ▲Nature Mobility Co., Ltd. ▲Mecloud Co., Ltd. ▲Brush Theater Limited Liability Company ▲Circulus Co., Ltd. ▲Co., Ltd. MWARO ▲Wiree ▲CarryGoodsoft ▲K-Ban Korea Co., Ltd. ▲Pampatia Co., Ltd. ▲ PETEL ▲Pdding Co., Ltd. ▲Prinker Korea Co., Ltd. ▲Platforce Co., Ltd. ▲Player World Co., Ltd. ▲Co., Ltd. Huple

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