Viral: Maestro offers on-site classes for adults

A teacher from Taiwan 34-year-old has become in the star of the popular Pornhub adult site without having to take off your clothes and with contents that the only thing they have explicit are the lessons in mathematics and calculation.

With a collection that exceeds 220 videos, Changhsu chose to explore the potential of this adult website last year, when the pandemic forced the global education sector to rethink your education models remotely, also managing to reaffirm his talent for teaching among the world student community.

With 15 years of teaching experience, Changhsu took YouTube as its main platform to share advanced calculus lessons with those who required it; This site has 21,900 subscribers, who access most of its content quickly and for free. In the case of Pornhub its advanced classes have a cost, as do many of the content that the portal offers to users.

As reported by the MEL Magazine site, the teacher had tried this strategy on other adult portals, however, these have content restrictions that they are not properly for adults, a situation that does not apply in Pornhub and where various dupes have arrived by mistake, others out of curiosity, but benefiting their intentions to reach more people.

Through the user changhsumath666, it is possible to access their Changhsu classes on Pornhub and which has received up to the month of October about 1,600,000 visits from said site, as revealed in an interview for said medium. Your profile on Pornhub it is verified and in one year he has obtained around 250 thousand dollars, which he has destined to cover the payments of some people who help him in his work as a digital teacher.

His reputation as a teaching expert is also reaffirmed in comments on the adult site and YouTube, as well as on Facebook, where most users agree that Changhsu is a “good teacher”.


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