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The Squid Game: Joker Virus steals data from your cell phone with the image of the popular Netflix series

The popular Netflix series “The Squid Game” powerfully attracts the public’s attention and this attraction has now caused some cell phone applications to use their image to hack into electronic devices and access the private information, such as bank accounts, of those who download them.

According to malware researcher or “malwere” Lukas Stefanko, more than 200 applications are related to “The Squid Game” in Google Play, a series that does not yet have an official video game and, given this, offers an excellent opportunity for developers to put their contributions online. The most downloaded application, for example, reached 1 million downloads in just 10 days. But not everything has the good purpose of amusing the user with the history of the popular series, some hackers are looking for something else.

According to the Android security expert and analyst at “malwere”, Many “Squid Game” applications on the web actually hide a Trojan virus known as “Joker” that can lead to access to user’s bank accounts. receiver and use them for SMS services for which expensive subscriptions are paid. Situation that has already been reported through social networks by some netizens that turn on alerts.

What is “Joker” like, the virus that steals data through Android apps?

“Joker” is a virus already identified in Android apps and, according to researchers, It is very dangerous because it has the ability to enter text messages, contacts and other information from smartphones. A) Yes, performs actions without the owner’s authorizationsuch as stealing confidential information or enrolling the owner on sites that offer paid services.

The Belgian Police explains that “Joker” belongs to a family of “malware” known as “bread” whose objective is to authorize operations on the cell phone without the user’s consent.



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