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President of the Bundestag Bas: “President for all Members”

Status: 10/26/2021 8:54 p.m.

The new President of the Bundestag Bärbel Bas has in the day themen stressed that she wanted to be President for MEPs from all political groups. The Bundestag will work in full force under the 3G rule in the next few weeks.

The newly elected President of the Bundestag Bärbel Bas assumes that the Bundestag will be able to meet in full strength again in the next few weeks with the 3G rule.

Bas said she was looking forward to her new position daily topics. She confirmed that she wanted to be President of the Bundestag for all MPs, “also for the AfD parliamentary group”.

Bundestag President Bas, SPD, on her new role

Topics of the day 9.45 p.m., 10/26/2021

Bas was elected as the new President of the Bundestag in the constituent session of the new Bundestag. The AfD candidate for the office of Vice President of the Bundestag, Michael Kaufmann, had failed in the first ballot. The AfD had reacted angrily, but after deliberation decided against another ballot.

“It’s a secret election”

Bas stressed in the daily topicsthat the election was a secret election. “Every member of parliament and every member of parliament has a choice. Every parliamentary group can make a proposal. Everyone decides for himself which person he or she thinks is fit for this office,” said Bas.

“The result came as it is. I don’t have to evaluate that. The AfD parliamentary group certainly also has the right to put up a candidate again in the next meetings.” Then it will show whether “maybe another candidate will be elected or not”.

When asked whether she would do her part so that it might work this time, Bas said: “I will certainly do that, because I am the President for all MPs, including the AfD parliamentary group.”

However, it is also up to the AfD parliamentary group how debates ran in parliament. “The AfD can do a lot to advertise that the other parliamentary groups also support a candidate.” You will be neutral across all parties and so also lead the meetings internally.

Reform of electoral law necessary

Bas reiterated that she, too, considered electoral reform to be necessary. She is confident that this issue will now be tackled quickly.

“It simply cannot be that this Parliament gets bigger and bigger with each legislative period. The citizens expect us to come to a work size that is appropriate for our country. Now there are 736 MPs, we are able to work, we want that also show. Nevertheless, it is right that we decide on an electoral reform. ”

In his opening speech at the constituent session of the new Bundestag, the outgoing President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Schäuble, urgently urged the members to reform their electoral law.

Constituent session of the Bundestag: SPD MP Bas elected President of the Bundestag

Michael Stempfle, ARD, daily news 5:00 p.m., 10/26/2021

In the election for President of the Bundestag, Bas received 576 out of a total of 724 votes – this corresponds to 79.6 percent. 90 parliamentarians voted no, 58 abstained.

Bas succeeds Schäuble and is the third woman in the state’s second highest office after the SPD politician Annemarie Renger and the CDU politician Rita Süssmuth. She has been in the Bundestag since 2009 and was deputy leader of the SPD parliamentary group in the last legislative period.

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