Jeollanam-do, island travel products sold through TV home shopping

Hongdo (Photo_Shinan-gun)

Jeollanam-do announced on the 25th that it has started selling Jeollanam Island travel tourism products on TV home shopping in partnership with the Jeonnam Creative Economy Innovation Center to prepare for the gradual daily recovery of the local tourism industry from COVID-19 and to revitalize the tourism industry.

The first broadcast was sold as a travel product to Hongdo, Heuksando, and Mokpo in Sinan. Through GS Home Shopping, ‘Island with the Mysteries of Nature, Hongdo and Heuksando 1 Night 2 Days/2 Nights 3 Days’ were sold live on the 22nd. Going forward, the online GS Home Shopping mall ( and mobile app will sell island travel products until the end of December.

The Hongdo and Heuksando island tour products include special experiences that cannot be tasted in daily life, such as experiencing the beautiful island and sea, and a special fishing village dining table on a high speed boat. made up of thousands of dollars.

In fact, in the case of a 3 day 2 night tour product, on the first day of the tour, enjoy a speedboat and arrive at Hongdo and enjoy the atmosphere of Hongdo through a healing walk and visit tourist attractions such as Mongdol Beach, Nanjeon Hall, and camellia forest. For dinner, try a special fishing village table made with local seafood.

On the 2nd day, you can take a cruise around Hongdo and enjoy the 10 most beautiful sights among the 33 sights of Hongdo. Travelers can choose to tour according to their preferences, such as traveling to Heuksando and taking a bus tour around Heuksando, trekking along the lighthouse road or climbing Mt. Chilak on a free schedule.

On the 3rd day, you can enjoy the beauty and taste of Mokpo to the fullest through the thrilling Mokpo Marine Cable Car experience and a tour of Mokpo Dongbu Market, a traditional market full of seafood.

“In accordance with the government’s step-by-step recovery policy for daily life, we will preemptively introduce safe and highly satisfying island travel products to the entire nation through TV home shopping to prepare for the increase in tourism demand,” said Yu Mi-ja, head of the Jeollanam-do tourism department. We hope that special pleasure and experiential travel will contribute to the vitality of the local tourism industry, and that tourists will have unforgettable memories and healing times.”

Jeollanam-do also achieved great results last September by selling Jeollanam-do tourism products such as lodging products and rural experience tour Gangjin Fuso Experience through TV home shopping.

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