Jeju Air introduces next-generation customer service system… Strengthening Competitiveness

October 25 Reservation and ticketing system change
Improvement of reservation inquiry and purchase convenience

Jeju Air announced on October 26 that it has introduced a next-generation customer service system (PSS) / Jeju Air

Jeju Air will introduce the next-generation customer service system (PSS) and improve work efficiency and customer service.

All systems of Jeju Air have been changed to Navitae’s Newsskies PSS from October 25th. Accordingly, the sales IT environment has been completely upgraded, including the reservation system, preferential system program for travel agency customers, and internal management program linked to sales. By changing the user environment of all systems from ‘command input method’ to ‘graphicalization’, anyone can easily and quickly handle the system. It also stands out that it can easily manage fares and services, enabling quick response to market conditions.

It also maximizes customer satisfaction. Reservation information can be inquired quickly and accurately with ‘one-click’, enabling prompt customer response. In particular, it focused on enhancing the convenience of ticket reservations and additional service purchases, which are the most frequently used. You can skip unnecessary steps when inquiring a reservation, speeding up the reservation process, and you can easily pay with a password by entering your card or account information only once for the first time. On the main screen of the Jeju Air web/app, personalized messages are also provided according to the customer’s journey.

A Jeju Air official said, “It is a difficult time, but we have made bold investments to enhance the sustainable competitiveness of the company.”

Meanwhile, Jeju Air has been preparing for two years since October 2019 by forming a task force centered on the IT headquarters to introduce the next-generation customer system. In addition to the continuously opened linked system, we plan to operate a help desk for employees to do our best to stabilize the system by the end of the year.

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