International action: Strike against crime in the Darknet

Status: 10/26/2021 12:19 p.m.

International investigators have struck a blow against illegal online trading on the Darknet. A total of 150 people were arrested in several countries. Europol classifies some of them as “high level targets”.

International investigators have arrested 150 people in an action against illegal online trade on the Darknet. As the European police authority Europol announced, more than 26 million euros were seized. In addition, 45 firearms and 234 kilograms of drugs were seized.

47 arrests in Germany

The “Dark HunTOR” campaign took place in eight European countries and in the USA and was aimed specifically at providers and buyers on darknet platforms, i.e. online marketplaces for illegal goods. 65 people were arrested in the US, 47 in Germany and 24 in the UK. Some of the suspects are classified as “high level targets” by Europol.

According to Europol, the action followed the closure of the largest illegal market “DarkMarket” in Germany at the beginning of the year. At the time, German investigators arrested the operators and excavated the illegal infrastructure. This enabled a wealth of evidence to be collected and made available to investigators worldwide. Investigations are still ongoing in several countries, Europol said.

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